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Updated: Thursday, August 28, 2003 4:06 PM EDT
Milwaukee Brewers
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Stats: Batting | Pitching
4 14 2
Cincinnati Reds
Team Page | Schedule | Injuries
Stats: Batting | Pitching
3 8 2
W de los Santos (3-3)
L Reitsma (9-4)
S Kolb (13)
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 12345678910 RHE
Milwaukee0010100002 4142
Cincinnati1000001001 382

S Podsednik cf6020000.315
K Ginter 2b5100013.268
V De Los Santos p0000000.000
b-M Smith ph1000000.353
D Kolb p0000000.000
G Jenkins lf2121200.296
B Clark lf2000011.298
R Sexson 1b4030111.263
J Vander Wal rf4031101.266
W Helms 3b40000110.253
E Perez c5020003.263
E Cruz pr0100000.081
K Osik c0000000.239
R Clayton ss5010001.223
W Obermueller p2000001.167
L Vizcaino p0000000.000
a-B Hall ph-2b2112000.290

a-flied out to deep center for L Vizcaino in the 8th
b-reached on error for V De Los Santos in the 10th.

BATTING: 2B - S Podsednik (21, R Wagner); E Perez (11, C Reitsma). HR - G Jenkins (28, 3rd inning off P Wilson 0 on, 2 Out), B Hall (3, 10th inning off C Reitsma 1 on, 1 Out). S - W Obermueller. RBI - G Jenkins (95), J Vander Wal (44), B Hall 2 (12). 2-out RBI - G Jenkins. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - E Perez 2, W Helms 2, K Ginter 2, W Obermueller 1. GIDP - K Ginter, W Helms. Team LOB - 14.

FIELDING: E - K Ginter (6, catch); B Hall (4, ground ball). Outfield assists - J Vander Wal (J LaRue at Home). DP: 1 (J Vander Wal-E Perez).

R Freel cf5120002.278
T Hummel ss-3b5010000.222
D Jimenez 2b5131002.298
S Casey 1b4010111.288
W Pena pr0000000.151
R Branyan 3b3000112.218
C Reitsma p0000000.125
b-R Olmedo ph1000001.265
S Smitherman lf2000100.364
R Wagner p0000000.000
a-J Castro ph-ss2000004.255
D Stenson rf-lf4110113.290
J LaRue c3000103.225
P Wilson p2000020.120
R Mateo rf2000012.250

a-flied out to right for R Wagner in the 8th
b-grounded into fielder's choice to second for C Reitsma in the 10th.

BATTING: 2B - R Freel (2, W Obermueller); D Jimenez (8, W Obermueller). S - J LaRue. RBI - D Jimenez (14). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - D Jimenez 1, J Castro 1, J LaRue 2, D Stenson 2. Team LOB - 11.

FIELDING: E - R Branyan (2, ground ball); S Casey (5, ground ball). Outfield assists - R Freel (G Jenkins at Home). DP: 2 (R Branyan-D Jimenez-S Casey, D Jimenez-J Castro-S Casey).

W Obermueller65212304.71
L Vizcaino (B, 5)10000106.97
V De Los Santos (W, 3-3) 21002204.30
D Kolb (S, 13)12101002.01

P Wilson67213014.62
R Wagner23001301.71
C Reitsma (L, 9-4)24220113.96

HBP: W Helms (by P Wilson)
WP: W Obermueller
Pitches-strikes: W Obermueller 102-64; L Vizcaino 8-6; V De Los Santos 40-23; D Kolb 27-16; P Wilson 97-59; R Wagner 39-23; C Reitsma 27-21
Ground balls-fly balls: W Obermueller 10-5; L Vizcaino 1-1; V De Los Santos 3-1; D Kolb 3-0; P Wilson 12-6; R Wagner 1-1; C Reitsma 5-0
Batters faced: W Obermueller 25; L Vizcaino 3; V De Los Santos 9; D Kolb 7; P Wilson 29; R Wagner 9; C Reitsma 10

UMPIRES: HP--Matt Hollowell 1B--John Hirschbeck 2B--Wally Bell 3B--Bill Welke.

T--3:11.  Att--21,870.  Weather:85 degrees, partly cloudy.  Wind:5 mph, out to left. 

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