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Updated: Sunday, September 14, 2003 4:47 PM EDT
St. Louis Cardinals
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Stats: Batting | Pitching
1 3 0
Houston Astros
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Stats: Batting | Pitching
4 6 1
W Redding (9-14)
L Haren (3-7)
S Wagner (43)
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 123456789 RHE
St Louis000100000 130
Houston01120000 461

F Vina 2b4000001.262
J Edmonds cf3100120.275
A Pujols lf4020001.365
S Rolen 3b4000013.279
E Renteria ss3000000.323
T Martinez 1b3000000.271
K Robinson rf3000000.259
M Matheny c2000000.245
b-O Palmeiro ph1000000.262
M DeJean p0000000.000
D Haren p1000000.080
J Simontacchi p0000000.135
a-E Marrero ph1010000.231
C Eldred p0000000.500
c-J Drew ph1000000.293
C Widger c0000000.205

a-doubled to deep left center for J Simontacchi in the 6th
b-grounded to first for M Matheny in the 8th
c-fouled out to first for C Eldred in the 8th.

BATTING: 2B - A Pujols (48, T Redding); E Marrero (4, T Redding). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - S Rolen 1, A Pujols 1. GIDP - S Rolen. Team LOB - 3.

FIELDING: DP: 1 (E Renteria-F Vina-T Martinez).

C Biggio cf3023000.263
M Ensberg 3b4000003.283
J Bagwell 1b4000022.274
J Kent 2b2010201.297
L Berkman lf4110034.281
R Hidalgo rf3001001.310
B Ausmus c3110000.230
A Everett ss1100100.246
T Redding p2110000.191
a-O Merced ph1000001.233
B Lidge p0000000.000
O Dotel p0000000.000
B Wagner p0000000.000

a-popped out to second for T Redding in the 6th.

BATTING: 2B - T Redding (3, D Haren); J Kent (38, J Simontacchi). 3B - L Berkman (6, D Haren). SF - R Hidalgo. RBI - R Hidalgo (78), C Biggio 3 (57). 2-out RBI - C Biggio 2. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - L Berkman 1. GIDP - R Hidalgo. Team LOB - 5.

BASERUNNING: CS - J Kent (2, 3rd base by J Simontacchi).

FIELDING: E - A Everett (16, throw). DP: 1 (M Ensberg-J Kent-J Bagwell).

D Haren (L, 3-7)3 2/35441205.08
J Simontacchi1 1/31000205.53
C Eldred20001004.05
M DeJean10001104.79

T Redding (W, 9-14)63111103.80
B Lidge (H, 26)10000103.50
O Dotel (H, 31)10000002.73
B Wagner (S, 43)10000101.57

HBP: C Biggio (by D Haren); A Everett (by D Haren)
Pitches-strikes: D Haren 65-31; J Simontacchi 17-11; C Eldred 25-16; M DeJean 15-7; T Redding 78-47; B Lidge 15-9; O Dotel 14-8; B Wagner 19-14
Ground balls-fly balls: D Haren 4-5; J Simontacchi 1-0; C Eldred 2-4; M DeJean 2-0; T Redding 10-7; B Lidge 0-2; O Dotel 2-1; B Wagner 1-1
Batters faced: D Haren 19; J Simontacchi 4; C Eldred 7; M DeJean 3; T Redding 21; B Lidge 3; O Dotel 3; B Wagner 4

UMPIRES: HP--Brian Onora 1B--Phil Cuzzi 2B--Larry Poncino 3B--Jerry Crawford.

T--2:24.  Att--37,548.  Weather:INDOORS. 

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