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Stroke of Fate

As New York rallied to win four straight games from Atlanta, its World Series title seemed preordained
by Tom Verducci
Brave Hearts

On its third try in five years, Atlanta finally won the World Series
by Tom Verducci
Home Sweet Homer

After his dramatic home run gave the Blue Jays a second straight World Series title, Joe Carter touched home plate and touched off a SkyDome mob scene
by Steve Rushin
Oh, Canada!

When Dave Winfield of the Blue Jays hit a World Series winning double in Atlanta, he ignited a national celebration 700 miles away in Toronto's SkyDome and all across the True North
by Steve Rushin
A Series to Savor

In a World Series of delicious drama, the Minnesota Twins barely bested the Atlanta Braves
by Steve Rushin
The Big Sweep

The dauntless Reds socked it to the vaunted A's in one of the most dazzling upsets in World Series history
by Steve Wulf
Swept Away

As Part II of the World Series began, the Bay Area was recovering from the quake. Then the A's rocked the Giants twice to complete their sweep
by Steve Wulf
Destiny's Boys

L.A. miraculously beat Oakland in the World Series
by Steve Wulf
Sweet Music

by Steve Wulf
Good To The Very Last Out

by Ron Fimrite
K.C. Had A Blast

by Ron Fimrite
Detroit Jumped All Over 'Em

The Tigers leaped to the fore in every game as they bounded past the Padres to win the 81st Series
by Steve Wulf
The Orioles All Pitched In

Baltimore overwhelmed Philadelphia in five games in the World Series with an exemplary team effort that featured rookie Pitcher Mike Boddicker and three tough Stooges
by Steve Wulf
For All You Do, This Hug's For You

St. Louis overcame bad weather, flip-flops of fate and Milwaukee to sweep Games 6 and 7 and win its ninth World Series
by Ron Fimrite
A Last Hurrah For Los Angeles

For some Dodgers, there may not be much time left to enjoy their World Series victory over New York
by Ron Fimrite
One Heartstopper After Another

by Steve Wulf
Rising from the Ashes

Down 3-1 in the World Series, fired-up Pittsburgh burned Baltimore in seven
by Ron Fimrite
The Yankee D boys did double duty

Bucky Dent and Brian Doyle were in the lineup for their gloves, but New York won the Series because of their bats
by Ron Fimrite

His clobbering of L.A. and the record book with three home runs propelled Reggie Jackson into a whirl that touched all the bases
by Ron Fimrite
Ah, how great it is

Great enough to be in superselect company, this Cincinnati team. Led by .533 batter Johnny Bench, it crushed the Yanks
by Ron Fimrite
Everything came up Reds

For sustained drama few could equal it. Boston's glorious Game 6 still hung in the air as Cincinnati squeezed through to win a very special World Series
by Ron Fimrite
Triple Crown to the Clowns

Harlequins the gaudy A's may have seemed, but they pounced on Dodger errors and lit Series fireworks a third straight time
by Ron Fimrite
Mutiny and a Bounty

Despite a disgruntled crew and a deserting skipper, Oakland won the swag in a tempestuous World Series
by William Leggett
Mustaches All the Way

Down to the wire, that is, as the hirsute A's beat Cincinnati's Reds in the tightest World Series in history
by William Leggett
Some Kind of a Comeback

Roberto Clemente and a no-name crew of pitchers Pirated away a World Series that mighty Baltimore had all but banked
by William Leggett
That Black and Orange Magic

All the Orioles seemed to have a hand in casting a spell over Cincinnati but there was no one to compare with Brooks Robinson, the friendly ghost, who made the Reds disappear in five games
by William Leggett
Never Pumpkins Again

A seven-year joke—and a fraying one at that—the Mets brought joy to New York with a succession of World Series victories that would be hard to match for dramatic impact or for sheer improbability
by William Leggett
Homers Over the Razzmatazz

It was supposed to be between McLain and Gibson, but the 1968 World Series turned into a confrontation between the heavy hitters of Detroit and the swift runners of St. Louis. Mickey Lolich helped a bit, too.
by Mark Mulvoy
Aftermath of a Bittersweet World Series

Keeping intact their record of never having lost a seven-game Series, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Boston Red Sox in an encounter that was filled with exciting performances-and genuine mutual dislike
by William Leggett
Those Happy Birds!

A Practical Demonstration of Palmer's Law: Underdogs, a team supposedly without solid pitching, the astounding Orioles used their big bats effectively if sparingly, ran out a retread reliever and three youthful starters and smothered the Dodgers four straight
by Jack Mann
The Final Strength Was Sandy

The best pitcher in baseball proved to be the difference between two very different ball clubs. And an odd World Series should give the downtrodden American League real hope for the future
by William Leggett
Speed Won the World Series

by William Leggett
Koo-Foo the Killer

by William Leggett
The Pitchers Stand and Fight

by Roy Terrell
The Yankees On Top
It Went all the Way!

And so did Pittsburgh's Pirates when Bill Mazeroski swung his bat and hit the ball over Forbes Field's distant left field wall. Yankee hopes were dead, the seventh game was over and the Pirates had won their first World Series in 35 years.
by Roy Terrell
A Series of Strange Events

After ten years of repeat performances—usually starring Casey and the Yankees—baseball's big show moved west with a new cast of characters. Result: the biggest crowds and richest receipts in Series history
by Roy Terrell
Breaking Up the Braves

by Robert Creamer
A Mean Hand with a Rock

by Roy Terrell
One by one and seven

by William Saroyan
When Brooklyn Won

It was only last week the Dodgers finally beat the Yanks and won the Series. But in Brooklyn that grand day is already a part of history
by Robert Creamer
1...2...3...4...& Bingo

by Roger Kahn

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