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Trading places

Latest: Tuesday August 01, 2000 03:43 AM

A look at the trades made leading up to the Monday, July 31 trading deadline, along with analysis from the baseball staff.

Cardinals get Clark as Big Mac insurance, July 31
To the Cardinals: To the Orioles:
Will Clark , 1B, BAL
.301, 9 HR, 28 RBIs
Jose Leon , 3B, Ark. (AA)
.269, 14 HR, 41 RBI
The skinny: The Cardinals aren't sure when Mark McGwire will return from a knee injury, so they got the veteran Clark to fill in at first base for the time being.
Braves land Surhoff in five-player swap, July 31
To the Braves To the Orioles:
B.J. Surhoff , OF, BAL
.292, 13 HR, 57 RBI
Gabe Molina, RHP, BAL
0-0, 9.00, 13 IP, 8 K, 9 BB
Trenidad Hubbard , OF, ATL
.185, 1 HR, 6 RBI
Luis Rivera, RHP, ATL
1-0, 1.35 ERA, 6.2 IP, 5 K, 5 BB
Fernando Lunar, C, ATL
.185, 0 HR, 5 RBI
The skinny: The Braves were disappointed in their left fielders Reggie Sanders and Bobby Bonilla, so the veteran Surhoff is a major upgrade. Rivera is a top pitching prospect who was squeezed out of the picture after an early injury.
Mariners get outfield help in Martin, July 31
To the Mariners To the Padres:
Al Martin , OF, SD
.306, 11 HR, 27 RBI
John Mabry , OF, SEA
.243, 1 HR, 7 RBIs
Tom Davey, P, Tacoma (AAA)
8-6, 2 SV, 4.61 ERA
The skinny: Seattle had been spending the trade season shopping for some left-handed pop in the lineup and got it in the enigmatic Martin.
Goodwin races back to Los Angeles, July 31
To the Dodgers To the Rockies:
Tom Goodwin , OF, COL
.271, 5 HR, 47 RBI, 39 SB
Todd Hollandsworth , OF, LA
.234, 8 HR, 24 RBIs
Kevin Gibbs, OF, San Antonio (AA)
.301, 2 HR, 20 RBIs
Randey Dorame, LHP, San Antonio (AA)
10-5, 3.04 ERA
The skinny: Goodwin, a main component in the Rockies' speed-oriented offense, slumped badly in recent months. Hollandsworth hasn't been the same since his Rookie of the Year campaign in 1996.
Trachsel, Guthrie head to Toronto, July 31
To the Blue Jays: To the Devil Rays:
Steve Trachsel , P, TB
6-10, 4.58, 137.2 IP, 78 K, 49 BB
Mark Guthrie, P, TB
3-4, 4.62, 50.2 IP, 43 K, 28 BB
Brent Abernathy , 2B, Syr. (AAA)
.296, 4 HR, 35 RBIs
Player to be named later
The skinny: Toronto needed some pitching help and got a veteran starter and reliever.
Royals, Padres swap pitchers, July 31
To the Royals: To the Padres:
Brian Meadows , P, SD
7-8, 5.34, 124.2 IP, 53 K, 50 BB
Jay Witasick , P, KC
3-8, 5.94, 89.1 IP, 67 K, 38 BB
The skinny: A couple of rather mediocre pitchers who could use a change of scenery to change their fortunes.
Cards get catching help, July 31
To the Cardinals: To the Padres:
Carlos Hernandez , C, SD
.251, 2 HR, 25 RBIs
Nathan Tebbs , IF/OF, Las Vegas (AAA)
.256, 2 HR, 21 RBIs
Heathcliff Slocumb , P, STL
2-3, 5.44, 1 SV, 49.2 IP, 34 K, 24 BB
Ben Johnson , OF, Peoria (A)
.242, 13 HR, 46 RBIs
The skinny: Eli Marrerro won't be back until September so the Cardinals wanted some insurance behind the plate. Slocumb became expendable after the flurry of deals for relievers over the weekend. Johnson is a 19-year-old prospect with plenty of promise.
Cubs send Rodriguez to Marlins for prospects, July 31
To the Marlins: To the Cubs:
Henry Rodriguez , OF, CHI
.251, 18 HR, 51 RBI
Ross Gload , 1B-OF, Port. (AA)
.284, 16 HR, 65 RBIs
David Noyce , LHP, Brevard County (A)
6-5, 3.87 ERA
The skinny: With Rondell White in Chicago, it was a foregone conclusion that Rodriguez would be sent packing. Rodriguez will add pop in the lineup that was lost by the injury to Cliff Floyd.
Cubs acquire White from Montreal, July 31
To the Cubs: To the Expos:
Rondell White , OF, MON
.307, 11 HR, 54 RBI
Scott Downs , LHP, CHI
4-3, 5.17, 94 IP, 63 K, 37 BB
The skinny: The emergence of Milton Bradley enabled Montreal to trade the oft-injured White to a home field with natural grass. Acquiring White mades it possible for the Cubs to deal Henry Rodriguez. Downs is a talented pitcher who has had his moments in Chicago.
Giants acquire Henry from Astros, July 30
To the Giants: To the Astros:
Doug Henry , RHP, HOU
1-3, 4.59, 51 IP, 44 K, 28 BB
Scott Linebrink , RHP, SFO
0-0, 11.57, 2.1 IP, 0 K, 2 BB
The skinny: Henry can give the Giants quality innings out of the bullpen down the stretch. Linebrink has what the Astros need -- a live arm and bright future.
Cards find a lefty, July 30
To the Cardinals: To the Pirates:
Jason Christiansen , LHP, PIT
2-8, 4.06, 37.2 IP, 41 K, 24 BB
Jack Wilson , SS, Ark. (AA)
.294, 6 HR, 34 RBI
The skinny: The Cards needed a lefty reliever out of the pen and they found a good one in Christiansen. Wilson has hit at every level and is a decent fielder.
White Sox load up for stretch run, July 29
To the White Sox: To the Orioles:
Charles Johnson , C, BAL
.294, 21 HR, 55 RBI
Harold Baines , DH, BAL
.266, 10 HR, 30 RBI
Brook Fordyce , C, CHW
.272, 5 HR, 21 RBI
Miguel Felix , RHP, Win.-Salem (A)
0-0, 7.64, 35.1 IP, 32 K, 21 BB
Juan Figueroa , RHP, Birm. (AA)
2-3, 3.40, 55.2 IP, 42 K, 24 BB
Jason Lakman , RHP, Birm. (AA)
2-2, 4.14, 45.2 IP, 44 K, 30 BB
The skinny: Johnson gives the White Sox a playoff-tested catcher who can guide a young pitching staff. Baines is not quite the hitter he used to be but still useful. The O's are trying to stock a barren farm system.
Phillies finally get rid of Gant, July 30
To the Angels: To the Phillies:
Ron Gant , OF, PHI
.254, 20 HR, 38 RBI
Kent Bottenfield , RHP, ANA
7-8, 5.71, 127.2 IP, 75 K, 56 BB
The skinny: The Phillies are happy to get what they can for Gant, who they didn't have room for after trading for Travis Lee. Bottenfield will be a serviceable part of their rotation. Gant gives the Angels a fourth outfielder and bench strength.
Cards deal for O's closer Timlin, July 29
To the Cardinals: To the Orioles:
Mike Timlin , RHP, BAL
2-3, 4.89, 35.0 IP, 26 K, 15 BB
Chris Richard , 1B, STL
.125, 1 HR, 1 RBI
Mark Nussbeck , RHP, Memphis (AAA)
9-4, 3.96, 125 IP, 76 K, 44 BB
The skinny: The Orioles are in full firesale mode. Timlin is an above average reliever who should help the Cards in a pennant race.
Mets get Bordick for stretch run, July 28
To the Mets: To the Orioles:
Mike Bordick , SS, BAL
.299, 17 HR, 60 RBI
Melvin Mora , IF-OF, NYM
.264, 6 HR, 31 RBI
Mike Kinkade , C-OF, Bowie (AA)
.363, 10 HR, 67 RBI
Lesli Brea , RHP, Bing. (AA)
5-8, 4.24 ERA, 93.1 IP, 86 K, 61 BB
Pat Gorman , RHP, Cap. City (A)
2-2, 15 S, 1.93 ERA
The skinny: The Mets stabilize their infield by renting Bordick, who the Orioles will try to re-sign when he becomes a free agent after the season anyway.
Mets bolster bullpen, outfield, July 28
To the Mets: To the Devil Rays:
Rick White , RP, TB
4-6, 3.36, 72.1 IP, 48 K, 28 BB
Bubba Trammell , OF, TB
.275, 7 HR, 33 RBI
Jason Tyner , OF, Norfolk (AAA)
.321, 0 HR, 28 RBI, 33 SB
Paul Wilson , RHP, Norfolk (AAA)
5-5, 4.23 ERA, 83.0 IP, 56 K, 25 BB
The skinny: Rick White solidifies the Mets' bullpen while Trammell gives them a strong bench player.
Indians part with Sexson for pitching, July 28
To the Brewers: To the Indians:
Richie Sexson , 1B-OF, CLE
.256, 16 HR, 44 RBI
Paul Rigdon , RHP, CLE
1-2, 7.54 ERA, 22.2 IP, 18 K, 11 BB
Kane Davis , RHP, Buffalo (AAA)
2-0, 4.20 ERA, 30.0 IP, 19 K, 12 BB
* Player to be named
Bob Wickman , RP, MIL
2-2, 2.93 ERA, 16 S
Jason Bere , RHP, MIL
7-7, 4.87 ERA, 122.0 IP, 104 K, 63 BB
Steve Woodard , RHP, MIL
1-8, 5.69 ERA, 99.2 IP, 69 K, 34 BB
The skinny: Cleveland gets the pitching it needs to make a run for a wild card. In Sexson, the Brewers get insurance in case they trade Jeromy Burnitz.
Pirates ship Cordero back to Cleveland, July 28
To the Indians: To the Pirates:
Wil Cordero , OF, PIT
.278, 16 HR, 51 RBI
Alex Ramirez , OF, CLE
.286, 5 HR, 12 RBI
Enrique Wilson , IF, CLE
.325, 2 HR, 12 RBI
The skinny: Cordero helps fill the void left by Sexson. Wilson's strong defensive skills and versatility (can play SS, 3B, 2B, switch-hit) makes him a good fit for the error-prone Pirates. Ramirez is a solid power-hitting prospect.
Rangers ship Segui to Indians for Ledee, July 28
To the Rangers: To the Indians:
Ricky Ledee , OF, CLE
.235, 9 HR, 39 RBI
David Segui , 1B, TEX
.338, 11 HR, 57 RBI
The skinny: Segui gives the Indians more options than Jim Thome at first base. Ledee needs as many at-bats as possible to develop and with the Rangers out of the race this is a good fit for him.
Oakland finds setup man, July 28
To the A's: To the Devil Rays:
Jim Mecir , RP, TB
7-2, 3.08 ERA, 33 K, 22 BB
Todd Belitz , LHP, Durham (AAA)
1-1, 3.83, 47 IP, 46 K, 28 BB
Jesus Colome , RHP, Midland (AA)
9-4, 3.59, 110.1 IP, 95 K, 50 BB
* Player to be named
The skinny: Oakland gets a reliable setup man out of the pen to help make a playoff run. The Devil Rays get a flame-throwing stud prospect in Colome.
Red Sox, Rockies make seven-player swap, July 27
To the Red Sox: To the Rockies:
Rolando Arrojo , RHP, COL
5-9, 6.04, 101.1 IP, 80 K, 46 BB
Mike Lansing , 2B, COL
.255, 11 HR, 47 RBI
Rick Croushore , RHP, COL
2-0, 8.74, 11.1 IP, 11 K, 6 BB
Jeff Frye , 2B, BOS
.289, 1 HR, 13 RBI
John Wasdin , RHP, BOS
1-3, 5.04, 44.2, 36 K, 15 BB
Brian Rose , RHP, BOS
3-5, 6.11, 53 IP, 24 K, 21 BB
Jeff Taglienti , RHP, Trenton (AA)
3-1, 3.71, 10 S
The skinny: The Rockies are happy to unload Lansing even if it means giving up Arrojo. The Red Sox needed another starter and hope Arrojo can return to his old form. If Frye and any of the young pitchers pan out for the Rockies then it's a good deal.
Arizona acquires Schilling for four players, July 26
To the D'backs: To the Phillies:
Curt Schilling , RHP, PHI
7-6, 3.83, 120.2 IP, 101 K, 34 BB
Omar Daal , LHP, ARI
2-11, 7.04, 101.2 IP, 52 K, 45 BB
Travis Lee , 1B-OF, ARI
.230, 8 HR, 40 RBI
Vicente Padilla , RHP, ARI
2-2, 2.79 ERA, 38.2 IP, 33 K, 12 BB
Nelson Figueroa , RHP, Tuc. (AAA)
9-4, 2.81, 112 IP, 78 K, 28 BB
The skinny: The Phillies couldn't win with Schilling so now they will try without him. The key was getting four major-league ready players in return.
Valdes returns to Dodgers, July 26
To the Dodgers: To the Cubs:
Ismael Valdes , RHP, CHC
2-4, 5.37, 67 IP, 45 K, 27 BB
Jamie Arnold , RHP, Alb. (AAA)
4-7, 5.07, 92.1 IP, 47 K, 54 BB
Jorge Piedra , OF, Vero Beach (A)
.283, 6 HR, 52 RBI
The skinny: This allows the Dodgers to send Eric Gagne down to the minors. The Cubs must not have been high on Valdes or they wouldn't have moved him for these mid-level prospects.

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