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Salary Progression Chart
NEW YORK (AP) -- A look at how the top salary in baseball has escalated, based on average annual values of multiyear contracts. Figures were obtained from player and management sources and include all guaranteed income at the time of signing, but not income from potential incentive bonuses. There is no distinction for money deferred without interest.
Date  Player  Club  Avg. Salary 
Dec. 11, 2000  Alex Rodriguez  Texas  $25,200,000 
Oct. 20, 2000  Carlos Delgado  Toronto  $17,000,000 
Aug. 11, 2000  Roger Clemens*  N.Y. Yankees  $15,450,000 
Dec. 12, 1998  Kevin Brown  Los Angeles  $15,000,000 
Nov. 25, 1998  Mo Vaughn  Anaheim  $13,333,333 
Oct. 26, 1998  Mike Piazza  N.Y. Mets  $13,000,000 
Dec. 12, 1997  Pedro Martinez  Boston  $12,500,000 
Aug. 10, 1997  Greg Maddux  Atlanta  $11,500,000 
Feb. 20, 1997  Barry Bonds  San Francisco  $11,450,000 
Nov. 19, 1996  Albert Belle  Chi. White Sox  $11,000,000 
Jan. 31, 1996  Ken Griffey Jr.  Seattle  $8,500,000 
Dec. 8, 1992  Barry Bonds  San Francisco  $7,291,666 
March 2, 1992  Ryne Sandberg  Chicago Cubs  $7,100,000 
Dec. 2, 1991  Bobby Bonilla  N.Y. Mets  $5,800,000 
Feb. 8, 1991  Roger Clemens  Boston  $5,380,250 
June 27, 1990  Jose Canseco  Oakland  $4,700,000 
April 9, 1990  Don Mattingly  N.Y. Yankees  $3,860,000 
Jan. 22, 1990  Will Clark  San Francisco  $3,750,000 
Jan. 17, 1990  Dave Stewart  Oakland  $3,550,000 
Dec. 11, 1989  Mark Davis  Kansas City  $3,250,000 
Dec. 1, 1989  Mark Langston  California  $3,250,000 
Nov. 28, 1989  Rickey Henderson  Oakland  $3,000,000 
Nov. 22, 1989  Kirby Puckett  Minnesota  $3,000,000 
Nov. 17, 1989  Bret Saberhagen  Kansas City  $2,966,667 
Feb. 16, 1989  Orel Herhiser  Los Angeles  $2,633,333 
Feb. 15, 1989  Roger Clemens  Boston  $2,500,000 
* Note: The Yankees value Clemens' deal as a three-year contract averaging $10.3 million instead of a two-year contract.

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