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How they scored: Atlanta Braves at San Diego Padres

Posted: Mon October 12, 1998 at 11:42 p.m. EDT

SAN DIEGO 1ST:  Veras grounded out to catcher.  Finley walked.  
Gwynn fouled out to left.  Caminiti homered to left, Finley 
scored.  Joyner singled to center.  Vander Wal grounded out to 
pitcher.  ATLANTA 0, SAN DIEGO 2.

ATLANTA 4TH:  Klesko flied out to right.  Lopez singled to left. 
A Jones singled to left center, Lopez to second.  Tucker 
singled to right, Lopez scored, A Jones to third.  A Jones 
caught stealing, catcher to third to pitcher.  Tucker to second 
on runners fielder's choice.  Smoltz reached on infield single, 
Tucker to third.  Guillen flied out to right center.  ATLANTA 1, 

ATLANTA 6TH:  Klesko grounded out to first.  Lopez grounded out 
to shortstop.  A Jones singled to center.  A Jones stole second. 
Tucker singled to center, A Jones scored.  Smoltz struck out 
swinging.  ATLANTA 2, SAN DIEGO 2.

SAN DIEGO 6TH:  Gwynn flied out to left center.  Caminiti 
grounded out to shortstop.  Joyner reached on infield single.  
Vander Wal homered to left, Joyner scored.  Hernandez singled to 
shallow right, Hernandez out stretching at second.  ATLANTA 2, 

ATLANTA 8TH:  Klesko walked.  Lopez reached on infield single, 
Klesko to second.  Malloy ran for Lopez.  A Jones fouled out to 
first.  Tucker homered to right, Klesko and Malloy scored.  
Donne Wall relieved Kevin Brown.  Rocker walked.  Guillen struck 
out swinging.  Graffanino doubled to left center, Rocker scored. 
Graffanino to third advancing on throw.  Graffanino scored on 
shortstop Gomez's throwing error.  C Jones walked.  Galarraga 
grounded out to third.  ATLANTA 7, SAN DIEGO 4.

SAN DIEGO 9TH:  Kerry Ligtenberg relieved Rudy Seanez.  Sweeney 
hit for Hernandez.  Sweeney walked.  G Myers hit for Gomez.  
Sweeney to second on fielder indifference.  G Myers homered to 
right center, Sweeney scored.  Vaughn hit for Rivera.  Greg 
Maddux relieved Kerry Ligtenberg.  Vaughn struck out swinging.  
Veras grounded out to shortstop.  Finley walked.  Gwynn grounded 
out to first.  ATLANTA 7, SAN DIEGO 6.

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