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Atlanta 5, Houston 1
Posted: Wednesday October 06, 1999 06:28 PM

ATLANTA 1ST : G Williams reached on infield single. B Boone struck out swinging. G Williams stole second. C Jones grounded out to first, G Williams to third. B Jordan singled to center, G Williams scored. Klesko flied out to left. HOUSTON 0, ATLANTA 1.

HOUSTON 2ND : Everett struck out swinging. Caminiti homered to right. D Ward popped out to shallow left. Eusebio grounded out to shortstop. HOUSTON 1, ATLANTA 1.

ATLANTA 6TH : B Jordan grounded out to pitcher. Klesko singled to shallow center. A Jones doubled to left, Klesko to third. E Perez hit sacrifice fly to center, Klesko scored. Jo Hernandez intentionally walked. Millwood struck out swinging. HOUSTON 1, ATLANTA 2.

ATLANTA 7TH : G Williams flied out to right center. B Boone doubled to deep left center. B Boone to third on left fielder D Ward's fielding error. C Jones intentionally walked. B Jordan hit sacrifice fly to deep center, B Boone scored, C Jones to second. Scott Elarton relieved Jose Lima. Klesko singled to shallow left, C Jones scored. Klesko to second on Elarton wild pitch. Klesko to third on Elarton wild pitch. A Jones singled to left, Klesko scored. E Perez grounded out to shortstop. HOUSTON 1, ATLANTA 5.

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