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Fearless predictions

SI scribes take a stab at what the 2002 season has in store

Posted: Wednesday March 27, 2002 11:07 AM

It's never too early for predictions. Sports Illustrated's three wise men -- Tom Verducci, Jeff Pearlman and Stephen Cannella -- step up to the plate and select their studs and few duds for the upcoming season.

AL MVP Jason Giambi, Yankees Jason Giambi, Yankees Eric Chavez, A's
NL MVP Gary Sheffield, Braves Chipper Jones, Braves Ryan Klesko, Padres
AL Cy Young Barry Zito, A's Mark Mulder, A's Pedro Martinez, Red Sox
NL Cy Young Matt Morris, Cardinals Matt Morris, Cardinals Shawn Estes, Mets
AL Rookie of the Year Jon Rauch, White Sox Carlos Pena, A's Carlos Pena, A's
NL Rookie of the Year Josh Beckett, Marlins Sean Burroughs, Padres Josh Beckett, Marlins
AL Home Run Leader Alex Rodriguez, Rangers Alex Rodriguez, Rangers Troy Glaus, Angels
NL Home Run Leader Ken Griffey Jr., Reds Sammy Sosa, Cubs Gary Sheffield, Braves
AL Batting Title Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners
NL Batting Title Todd Helton, Rockies Todd Helton, Rockies Jose Vidro, Expos
AL Pitching Victories Mike Mussina, Yankees Freddy Garcia, Mariners Tim Hudson, A's
NL Pitching Victories Russ Ortiz, Giants Curt Schilling, Diamondbacks Matt Morris, Cardinals
AL Comeback Player of the Year Frank Thomas, White Sox Darin Erstad, Angels Ryan Rupe, Devil Rays
NL Comeback Player of the Year Mike Lieberthal, Phillies Kevin Millwood, Braves Jeffrey Hammonds, Brewers
AL Most Overrated Player Raul Mondesi, Blue Jays Tony Batista, Orioles Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays
NL Most Overrated Player Jason Kendall, Pirates Jason Kendall, Pirates Craig Biggio, Astros
AL Most Underrated Player Mike Sweeney, Royals Keith Foulke, White Sox Jeff Conine, Orioles
NL Most Underrated Player Juan Pierre, Rockies Fernando Vina, Cardinals Brian Giles, Pirates
AL Breakout Player Toby Hall, Devil Rays Eric Chavez, A's David Ortiz, Twins
NL Breakout Player J.D. Drew, Cardinals Adrian Beltre, Dodgers Adam Dunn, Reds
AL Surprise Team Angels Angels Tigers
NL Surprise Team Marlins Marlins Padres
AL Disappointing Team Indians Indians White Sox
NL Disappointing Team Mets Mets Diamondbacks
AL Manager of the Year Mike Scioscia, Angels Ron Gardenhire, Twins Ron Gardenhire, Twins
NL Manager of the Year Bruce Bochy, Padres Jim Tracy, Dodgers Jim Tracy, Dodgers
First AL Manager Fired Jerry Narron, Rangers Buck Martinez, Blue Jays Tony Muser, Royals
First NL Manager Fired Bob Boone, Reds Lloyd McClendon, Pirates Davey Lopes, Brewers
AL Division Winners Yankees, White Sox, Mariners Yankees, Twins, Mariners Yankees, Twins, A's
NL Division Winners Braves, Cardinals, Diamondbacks Phillies, Cardinals, Diamondbacks Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers
AL Wild Card A's A's Angels
NL Wild Card Astros Braves Braves
ALCS Yankees over White Sox Yankees over Mariners Twins over A's
NLCS Cardinals over Astros Cardinals over Diamondbacks Mets over Braves
World Series Yankees over Cardinals Yankees over Cardinals Twins over Mets

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