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Previous examples of fan violence

Domi, fan fight in penalty box
Date: March 29, 2001
Setting: Philadelphia's First Union Center

The Maple Leafs' Tie Domi wrestled with a fan in the penalty box during a game against the Flyers. Domi, who was serving a penalty, twice poured water over taunting fans in the front row. The attacking fan, Chris Falcone, was sitting in the second row. Falcone lunged against the glass and threw a punch at Domi that did not connect. A glass panel separating the two collapsed, and Falcone was pulled into the penalty box by Domi. A linesman already in the box broke up the fight. Falcone was then escorted from the arena and given a citation.  
Dodgers rumble with Cubs fans
Date: May 16, 2000
Setting: Wrigley Field

Backup Dodgers catcher Chad Kreuter was sitting in the bullpen when a fan hit him in the head and stole his cap. Kreuter and several Dodgers went into the stands and a mob scene ensued. Sixteen Los Angeles players and three coaches were given suspensions.  
Spiers tackled by Brewers fan
Date: Sept. 24, 1999
Setting: Milwaukee County Stadium

Berley W. Visgar, a 23-year-old from South Beloit, Ill., jumped out of the stands and tackled Astros right fielder Bill Spiers in the bottom of the sixth inning. Houston starter Mike Hampton raced to the scene and pummeled the spectator before his teammates came from the bench and bullpen to restore order. Spiers suffered welt under his left eye, a bloody nose and a case of whiplash.  
Snowball fells Chargers equipment manager
Date: Dec. 23, 1995
Setting: Giants Stadium

An abundance of snow and thousands of bored Giants fans made for a dangerous combination. The crowd started throwing snowballs in the fourth quarter of a Chargers-Giants game, striking Chargers equipment manager Sid Brooks in the face and knocking him unconscious for 30 seconds. The final tally: 14 arrests, 175 ejections and 15 injuries.  
Myers angers fan with gopher ball
Date: Sept. 28, 1995
Setting: Wrigley Field

With the Cubs still in the wild-card race, Cubs reliever Randy Myers gave up a key ninth-inning home run to James Mouton that gave the Astros a 9-7 lead. As Mouton rounded the bases, a 27-year-old bond trader named John Murray came charging in from the right-field stands. Myers used his martial arts training to subdue Murray, who later claimed he pulled the stunt as a dare with his friends. "I was watching the game with some friends and I told them if Myers gives up another homer to a guy I'm going to run out on the field and yell at him," Murray said. "In retrospect, it was a bad move on my part." Um, yeah. 
Seles attacked by Graf fan
Date: April 30, 1993
Setting: Hamburg, Germany

Guenther Parche, a deranged fan of Steffi Graf's, stabbed Monica Seles in the back with a kitchen knife during a second-set changeover. Seles, who was entrenched as the world's top player at the time, did not play for another 28 months.  
Hunting knife thrown at Wally Joyner
Date: Aug. 26, 1986
Setting: Yankee Stadium

A Bowie hunting knife with a five-inch blade was thrown at California Angels rookie Wally Joyner after his team's 2-0 defeat of the Yankees. Joyner was grazed on the left arm by the butt end of the weapon, escaping injury. Said Joyner: "I picked it up and gave it to [Angels' manager] Gene Mauch." 
Fans join in on Braves-Padres melee
Date: Aug. 12, 1984
Setting: Fulton County Stadium

Braves pitcher Pascual Perez beaned the Padres' first batter, Alan Wiggins, and kept throwing at him nearly the entire game. A brawl broke out when Wiggins was hit by relief pitcher Craig Lefferts in the eighth inning. Both benches emptied and about five fans ran onto the field to slug it out with the players. During a second brawl one inning later, Atlanta's Chris Chambliss and Jerry Royster tackled a fan who was trying to take a loose helmet near third base.  
Disco Demolition Night
Date: July 13, 1979
Setting: Comiskey Park

A local disc jockey set up an anti-disco promotion to be held between games of a White Sox-Tigers doubleheader. Fans bringing a disco record were charged only 98 cents for admission. The thousands of records were than jammed into a large wooden box in center field and blown to pieces. A riot ensued on the field as about 7,000 fans brawled and set off bonfires with the debris, forcing the postponement of the second game. 
10-cent Beer Night
Date: June 4, 1974
Setting: Cleveland Stadium

Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one? The Indians held a wacky promotion -- beers for only 10 cents. After an estimated 60,000 cups of beer were consumed before all heck broke loose during the ninth inning of the Rangers-Indians game, which was tied 5-5. Thousands of fans stormed the field, attacking players and umpires. "There were a lot of punches thrown," Texas' Jim Fregosi said. "A lot of people got hurt. Players got hit with chairs over their heads. It was nasty." The Rangers were awarded a 9-0 forfeit.  
Beat up the umpire!
Date: Sept. 16, 1940
Setting: Ebbetts Field

Umpire George Magerkurth was famous for his pugnacity. In the minors, he was arrested once for fighting with a player under the stands. Another time, he and a player were suspended for spitting at each other after a disputed call. This time, though, he apparently was minding his own business when a Dodger fan leaped out of the stands, tackled him at home plate and began pummeling him. Although Brooklyn fans especially despised Magerkurth -- his run-ins with Leo Durocher were legendary -- there's evidence this particular incident was simply a diversion so the fan's pickpocket partner could work the stands.