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Posted: Mon February 12, 2001 at 7:06 a.m EST

Team: RFD

Points:                        114, vs  YAK, 01/30/01
Rebounds:                       54, at  YAK, 01/27/01
Assists:                        30, at  IDH, 01/06/01
Field Goals Made:               44, vs  IDH, 01/20/01
Field Goals Att:                87, vs  CON, 02/04/01
Foul Shots Made:                32, vs   QC, 12/15/00
Foul Shots Att:                 43, vs   QC, 12/15/00
3PT Field Goals Made:            5, vs  YAK, 01/30/01
                                 5, vs   FW, 12/19/00
                                 5, vs   QC, 12/15/00
3PT Field Goals Att:            13, at  CON, 12/20/00
Blocked Shots:                   9, vs  LAX, 01/16/01
Steals:                         15, vs  CON, 12/17/00
Personal Fouls:                 37, at  CON, 12/31/00

Points: 31, Korleone Young at LAX, 02/02/01 Rebounds: 14, Ronnie Grandison vs GAR, 12/22/00 Assists: 11, Tony Smith vs FW, 01/21/01 Field Goals Made: 12, Korleone Young at LAX, 02/02/01 Field Goals Att: 23, Brandon Williams at GAR, 01/13/01 23, Tony Smith vs CON, 12/17/00 Foul Shots Made: 11, Rashad Tucker at YAK, 01/27/01 Foul Shots Att: 15, Rashad Tucker vs QC, 12/15/00 3PT Field Goals Made: 5, Gabe Frank vs YAK, 01/30/01 3PT Field Goals Att: 6, Brandon Williams at QC, 12/25/00 6, Tony Smith vs CON, 12/17/00 Blocked Shots: 5, Korleone Young vs LAX, 01/16/01 5, Korleone Young at QC, 12/25/00 Steals: 6, Rashad Tucker vs FW, 12/28/00 Personal Fouls: 8, Rashad Tucker vs FW, 12/28/00 Minutes: 55, Brandon Williams vs QC, 12/23/00

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