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Kelli Anderson   Mark Bechtel   Bryan Boyle
Sports Illustrated senior writer Kelli Anderson looks for Duke to win it all, dashing the title hopes of fellow Final Four teams UConn, Maryland and Utah. Check out Kelli's women's bracket, where she sees Tennessee capturing its fourth straight title.
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  The championship will belong to Duke, predicts Mark Bechtel, who'll cover first- and second-round games in Orlando for Sports Illustrated. Bechtel also sees Maryland, Stanford and Utah in the Final Four.
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  xxx Bryan Boyle, CNN/SI's college basketball producer and a graduate of a certain No. 15 seed, thinks Duke will struggle in the East Regional final against a certain No. 15 seed. Boyle also sees Michigan State, Ohio State and UConn booking flights to St. Pete.
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Tim Crothers   Seth Davis   Inga Hammond
xxx Sports Illustrated college basketball writer Tim Crothers lives down in ACC country and liked what he saw during the season. Duke takes the title in a matchup with UConn, while Utah and St. John's qualify as Final Four casualties.
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  xxx Sports Illustrated college basketball writer Seth Davis, who'll be stationed in Charlotte in the tourney's first week, forecasts three No. 1s to make the Final Four. The outsider, he says, is Ohio State as Duke advances to claim its third crown of the '90s.
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  xxx Inga Hammond is an anchor on CNN/SI, and joined CNN in 1996. Her Final Four includes Duke, Utah, Auburn and Stanford. She thinks her alma mater, Indiana, will have a tough time, losing in the second round to St. John's.
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Fred Hickman   Peter King   Ivan Maisel
xxx Fred Hickman, one of the CNN Sports originals, is a senior anchor on CNN/SI. Hickman co-anchors CNN's Sports Tonight with Vince Cellini every Monday through Friday at 11 p.m. ET. He sees a Final Four of UConn, Auburn, Duke and Kentucky.
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  xxx Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King took time out before heading off to the NFL league meetings to scribble in a bracket that has Maryland and Utah joining UConn and Duke in St. Pete. Duke, says King, will emerge with the title.
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  xxx Sports Illustrated senior writer Ivan Maisel primarily covers college football, but he knows a sure thing when he sees it. He predicts Duke over UConn in the national title game. Michigan State and Maryland should round out the field at the Final Four.
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Jack McCallum   BJ Schecter   Grant Wahl
Sports Illustrated senior writer Jack McCallum also envisions a Duke-Connecticut championship game. But he sees Murray State and Delaware pulling off early-round upsets.
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  Sports Illustrated college basketball reporter B.J. Schecter, who'll be on hand for the games in Indianapolis this week, expects the perennial powerhouses to advance to the Elite Eight -- with Arizona, Duke, Maryland and UConn visiting St. Pete.
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  xxx Sports Illustrated college basketball writer Grant Wahl thinks UConn has what it takes to upset the Blue Devils' title hopes. Wahl sees UConn winning the West and then dispatching Ohio State and Duke, who'll beat Arizona in the other semifinal.
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    SI Preview    
    The magazine votes for Duke to take it all, beating UConn in the final. Maryland and Arizona also figure to advance to the Final Four. And watch for more than one upset in the South Regional.
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