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Site: Madison Square Garden, New York

Most Outstanding Player: Bob Kurland, Oklahoma A&M

Nobody in the country could stop Oklahoma A&M 7-footer Kurland, who could not be called to active duty in World War II because of his height. A non-entity as a freshman, he blossomed under the guidance of Aggies coach Hank Iba. Kurland, who was the first player to dunk on a regular basis (the shot was called a "duffer" back then), scored 28, 15 and 22 points in three tournament games.

Surprise Performance: Aggies football star Cecil Hankins scored 15 points in the final.

Significant Fact: In an era of smaller players, each team had a legitimate big man. NYU featured 6'8" Dolph Schayes, Arkansas 6'10" George Kok and Ohio State 6'9" Arnie Risen.

Swan Song: Tufts University (Mass.) made its only NCAA appearance, losing to NYU 59-44 in the first round.