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Patricia Heys' Prediction
It's March, so no one's a lock for the Final Four. All the top seeds have tough roads to Philadelphia. Connecticut could fall to defending national champion Purdue, and a tough Virginia team could upset Tennessee. In the Midwest, Louisiana Tech could run into roadblocks in NC State (which has Summer Erb back), Penn State or Iowa State. Georgia heads the toughest region, with the three hottest teams in the nation -- North Carolina, Mississippi State and Texas -- all looking to continue their conference tournament success.
Iowa State will be the only non-No. 1 seed to advance to the Final Four. The Cyclones are playing their best basketball of the season, and they have the guard play (mainly Stacy Frese) to keep up with No. 1 seeded Louisiana Tech.
Georgia. It won't be easy, but winning a national championship never is. The Lady Bulldogs got a taste of the Final Four last year, so guards Kelly and Coco Miller should be ready to lead Georgia back again. If Deana Nolan can provide a spark and Tawana McDonald can stay out of foul trouble, coach Andy Landers should win his first national title.

 East Mideast 
  Connecticut (1) Tennessee (1)  
  Hampton (16)   UConn Tenn.   Furman (16)  
  Drake (8)   Clemson Arizona   Arizona (8)  
  Clemson (9)   UConn Tenn.   Kent (9)  
  Oklahoma (5)   Purdue Virginia   Boston College (5)  
  BYU (12)   Oklahoma BC   Nebraska (12)  
  Purdue (4)   Purdue Virginia   Virginia (4)  
  Dartmouth (13)   UConn Tenn.   Pepperdine (13)  
  LSU (3)   Duke ND   Texas Tech (3)  
  Liberty (14)   LSU Tx.Tech   Tenn. Tech (14)  
  Xavier (6)   Xavier Tulane   Tulane 6  
  S.F. Austin (11)   LSU Tx.Tech   Vermont (11)  
  Marquette (7)   Duke ND   G. Washington (7)  
  W. Kentucky (10)   Marq. UCLA   UCLA (10)  
  Duke (2)   Duke FINAL FOUR ND   Notre Dame (2)  
  Campbell (15)   UConn Tenn.   San Diego (15)  
  Louisiana Tech (1)   Iowa St. Georgia   Georgia (1)  
  Alcorn State (16)   La.Tech Georgia   Montana (16)  
  Kansas (8)   Vandy FINAL Stanford   Michigan (8)  
  Vanderbilt (9)   La.Tech UConn Georgia   Stanford (9)  
  NC State (5)   NC State Georgia UNC   North Carolina (5)  
  SMU (12)   NC State UNC   Maine (12)  
  ODU (4)   ODU UCSB   UC Santa Barb. (4)  
  UW-Green Bay (13)   La.Tech CHAMP Georgia   Rice (13)  
  Iowa State (3)   Iowa St. Georgia Miss.St.   Mississippi State (3)  
  St.Francis,Pa. (14)   Iowa St. Miss.St.   St. Peter's (14)  
  Illinois (6)   Illinois Oregon   Oregon (6)  
  Utah (11)   Iowa St. Miss.St.   UAB (11)  
  Auburn (7)   Miss.St. Rutgers   Texas (7)  
  SW Mo. State (10)   Auburn Texas   St. Joseph's (10)  
  Penn State (2)   PSU Rutgers   Rutgers (2)  
  Youngstown St. (15) Holy Cross (15)  
 Midwest West 

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