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Kelli Anderson's Prediction
Tennessee will have a relatively easy time making its way to St. Louis though Purdue may offer some resistance. Despite injuries to All-Americas Svetlana Abrosimova and Shea Ralph, Connecticut will survive the East Region minefield, which includes perennial Final Four attendees Louisiana Tech and Georgia. But it won't survive another meeting with the traveling inside-out clinic that is Notre Dame, which will sneak past Vanderbilt in the Midwest Regional Final.
There will be several in the tough East Region: Look for 12th-seeded Drake, a team that has been emotionally fueled all season by serious illnesses to two teammates, to knock off #5 Villanova, and for #11 TCU to take advantage of #6 Penn State's inexperience at the point. Also, if Oklahoma has to face Stanford in the second round, it should expect trouble. The Cardinal is still smarting from the loss of starting point guard Susan King, who tore her ACL on a hard foul during a 102-98 loss to the Sooners in Norman in December.
Notre Dame . In the final, Notre Dame will face Tennessee for the first time since a national semifinal loss to the Lady Vols four years ago. This time Notre Dame has the talent, the experience and, most important, the confidence to come out ahead.

 Mideast Midwest 
   Tennessee (1)  Notre Dame (1)  
   Austin Peay (16)   Tenn. N. Dame   Alcorn St. (16)  
   Texas (8)   St. Mary's Michigan   Michigan (8)  
   St. Mary's (Cal.) (9)   Tenn. N. Dame   Virginia (9)  
   Clemson (5)   Xavier Iowa   Utah (5)  
   Chattanooga (12)   Clemson Utah   Fairfield (12)  
   Xavier (4)   Xavier Iowa   Iowa (4)  
   Louisville (13)   Tenn. N. Dame   Oregon (13)  
   LSU (6)   Purdue Vanderbilt   Colorado (6)  
   Arizona St. (11)   LSU Colorado   Siena (11)  
   Purdue (3)   Purdue Vanderbilt   Vanderbilt (3)  
   UCSB (14)   Purdue Vanderbilt   Idaho St. (14)  
   Virginia Tech (7)   Tx. Tech Iowa St.   Florida St. (7)  
  Denver (10)   Denver Fla. St.   Tulane (10)  
   Texas Tech (2)   Tx. Tech FINAL FOUR Iowa St.   Iowa St. (2)  
   Pennsylvania (15)   Tennessee N. Dame   Howard (15)  
  Duke (1)   Oklahoma UConn   Connecticut (1)  
  UW-Milwaukee (16)   Duke UConn   Long Island (16)  
  Baylor (8)   Baylor FINAL Colo St.   Maryland (8)  
  Arkansas (9)   Duke   Tennessee UConn   Colorado St. (9)  
  SW Missouri St. (5)   Rutgers   Notre Dame N.C. State   Villanova (5)  
  Toledo (12)   SW Mo. Drake   Drake (12)  
  Rutgers (4)   Rutgers N.C. State   N.C. State (4)  
  S.F. Austin (13)   Duke CHAMP UConn   Delaware (13)  
  Washington (6)   Oklahoma Notre Dame Georgia   Penn St. (6)  
  Old Dominion (11)   Washington TCU   TCU (11)  
  Florida (3)   Florida La. Tech   La. Tech (3)  
  Holy Cross (14)   Florida La. Tech   Georgia St. (14)  
  Geo. Washington (7)   Oklahoma Georgia   Wisconsin (7)  
  Stanford (10)   Stanford Missouri   Missouri (10)  
  Oklahoma (2)   Oklahoma Georgia   Georgia (2)  
  Oral Roberts (15) Liberty (15)  
 West East 

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