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Bryan Burwell's Mock Draft

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Posted: Friday June 19, 1998 10:02 PM


Here's a look at Bryan Burwell's top 12 picks:

1. L.A. Clippers: Mike Bibby / Guard / Arizona
  • Unless Clippers resign Ike Austin ... then they take the "Kandiman."

    2. Vancouver: Michael Olowokandi / Center / Pacific

  • Could be traded later on to the Lakers or the Suns.

    3. Denver: Paul Pierce / Forward / Kansas

  • They want Olowokandi, but will settle for Pierce -- the best outside shooter in the draft.

    4. Toronto: Raef LaFrentz / Forward / Kansas

  • Raptors need a big man.

    5. Golden State: Larry Hughes / Guard / Saint Louis

  • Warriors looking to dump Sprewell, Hughes should step in.

    6. Dallas: Antawn Jamison / Forward / North Carolina

  • Mavs wanted Hughes, but Jamison is best available now.

    7. Sacramento: Vince Carter / Guard-Forward / North Carolina

  • Best man available at this slot.

    8. Philadelphia: Robert Traylor / Power Forward / Michigan

  • Sixers love Traylor and have turned down trade offers from the Bucks, Rockets, Lakers and Magic.

    9. Milwaukee: Michael Doleac / Center / Utah

  • Bucks going for size and he is most reliable big man left.

    10. Boston: Radoslav Nesterovic / Center / Kinder Bologna (Italy)

  • Boston has fallen in love with Nesterovic, though Nazr Mohammed or Keon Clark could also fall here.

    11. Detroit: Pat Garrity / Forward / Notre Dame

  • Pistons looking for a forward who can hit an open jumper ... Garrity fits the bill.

    12. Orlando: Jason Williams / Shooting Guard / Florida

  • Some scouts say he's a little Pete Maravich, but a lot of people are afraid of his off-court troubles.  

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