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Vancouver Grizzlies logo

Vancouver Grizzlies
(19-63, 6th in Midwest, 43 games back)
DRAFT PICKS: (2, 56)

1998 Draft Order
Round Pick Name School Position
   1 2 Mike Bibby Arizona PG
   2 56 J.R. Henderson UCLA SF

Team Strengths
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim
  • Big Frontcourt
  • Team Statistics
      PPG FG% REBs TOs
    Grizzlies 96.6 (t10th).458 (9th)41.4 (15th)17.1 (28th)
    Opponents 103.9 (28th).475 (27th)42.7 (23rd)14.2 (23rd)
  • Inexperience
  • Poor Defensive Team
  • Turnovers
  • Changes
  • Robinson Trade Bait?
  • Acquired Carl Herrera And The Rights Of Felipe Lopez From The Vancouver Grizzlies For Antonio Daniels
  • Needs
  • Veteran Leadership, 2-GUARD
  • Defensive Stoppers
  • Notes:
  • Won a franchise-best 19 games last season. The Grizzlies have only won 48 games in their three-year history
  • Finished in the bottom-third of the league in these defensive categories: PPG, FG%, 3-point FG%, steals and blocks
  • Antonio Daniels, the team's '97 number one pick, shot only .416 from the floor, made only 11 of 52 three-pointers and had an assist to turnover ratio of only 2.0
  • Had nine wins in their first 24 games, and only 10 wins in their last 58 games
  • Abdur-Rahim averaged 22.3 ppg, which was the 6th highest in the league
  • Sam Mack broke his foot on March 23rd and missed the final 14 games. He shot .409 on his three-pointers; one of 19 players to shoot over 40% from 3-point land
  • The Grizzlies finished in the bottom ten in every defensive category
  • First Round Draft Picks in the 90's
    1995 Bryant Reeves, C, Oklahoma St. (6)
    1996 Shareef Abdur-Rahim, F, California (3)
    1996 Roy Rogers, F, Alabama (22)
    1997 Antonio Daniels, G, Bowling Green (4)
    Complete draft list over the years
    Players by Position
    Small Forwards Power Forwards Centers Point Guards Shooting Guards
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    George Lynch
    Blue Edwards
    Michael Smith
    Tony Massenburg
    Pete Chilcutt
    Carl Herrera
    Bryant Reeves
    Ivano Newbill
    Lee Mayberry
    Bobby Hurley
    Sam Mack
    Doug West
    Larry Robinson
    Free Agents
    1998 1999 2000
    Blue Edwards
    George Lynch
    Larry Robinson
    Ivano Newbill
    Carl Herrera (P-FA)
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Pete Chilcutt
    Lee Mayberry
    Bobby Hurley
    Sam Mack
    Michael Smith
    Tony Massenberg
    Lee Mayberry

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