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Chicago Bulls
(13-37, last in Central, 20 games back)
DRAFT PICKS: (#1, #16, #32, #49)

1999   D R A F T   C H O I C E S
Round Pick Player Pos College
1 1 Elton Brand PF Duke
1 16 Ron Artest SF/2G St. John's (NY)
2 32 Michael Ruffin PF Tulsa
2 49 Lari Ketner PF/C Massachusetts

T E A M   S T R E N G T H S
  • Few expectations
  • Draft picks (#1, #16)
  • Salary Cap Room
  • W E A K N E S S E S
  • Offense
  • Identity
  • Experience - no MJ, Pippen, Rodman, Phil Jackson
  • Rebounding
  • C H A N G E S
  • Is this Kukoc's team?
  • Will fans continue to buy tickets?
  • N E E D S
  • Big-time scorer
  • Big man
  • Point Guard
  • N O T E S:
  • Bulls averaged only 81.9 ppg, the lowest in NBA history, shattering the old mark by 5.6 ppg
  • Finished in the bottom-five in the league in scoring (29th), field goals percentage (29th), three-point shooting (27th) and rebounding (26th)
  • Scored 100+ points only three times (3-0) and shot 50% or better only twice (2-0)
  • Sold out every home game
  • Were 0-32 when they trailed entering the fourth quarter
  • 14 different players started a game for Chicago and Mario Bennett (who appeared in three games) was the only player not to start
  • Toni Kukoc led the Bulls in scoring, rebounding and assists...the last Bull to do that was Michael Jordan in 1985
  • Four rookies played at least 29 games...last year, only two rookies played at all (Rusty LaRue and Keith Booth) and they combined for only 20 games
  • The Bulls will have the number one pick for the first time in its history
  • Kukoc scored 32 points on opening night and it would be the only game in which the Bulls had a player break 30 points
  • F I R S T   R O U N D   P I C K S   I N   T H E   9 0 ' S
    1990 - None
    1991 - Mark Randall, F/C (26)
    1992 - Byron Houston, F (27)
    1993 - Corie Blount, F (25)
    1994 - Dickey Simpkins, F (21)
    1995 - Jason Caffey, F (20)
    1996 - Travis Knight, C (29)
    1997 - Keith Booth, F (28)
    1998 - Corey Benjamin, G (28)
    P L A Y E R S   B Y   P O S I T I O N
    Small Forwards
    Toni Kukoc
    Keith Booth
    Jeff Sanders
    Power Forwards
    Dickey Simpkins
    Kornel David
    Bill Wennington
    Mark Bryant
    Andrew Lang
    Point Guards
    Randy Brown
    Charles Jones
    Rusty LaRue
    Shooting Guards
    Brent Barry
    Ron Harper
    Corey Benjamin
    Corey Carr
    F R E E   A G E N T S
    Brown (TO)
    Carr (TO)
    C. Jones
    Information courtesy of Turner Sports

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