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Sports Illustrated has been with Michael Jordan from his not-so-humble beginnings as a freshman at North Carolina through his reign in Chicago and now his withdrawal from the limelight. Relive the career of the greatest basketball player ever in SI's Michael Jordan Flashbacks.
April 5, 1982
Nothing Could Be Finer
Than to be with Carolina after it had at last won the big one for Dean Smith, beating Georgetown 63-62
By Curry Kirkpatrick

November 28, 1983
A Towering Twosome
No other pair in the college game is at the level of Sam Perkins and Michael
By Curry Kirkpatrick

December 10, 1984
In The Driver's Seat
Rookie Michael Jordan has quickly become Chicago's big wheel and the NBA's big deal at the box office
By Alexander Wolff

November 17, 1986
Ready . . . Set . . . Levitate!
Midair is the lofty realm of Chicago's Michael Jordan, and he has lifted the Bulls off to a stratospheric start
By Rick Telander

November 9, 1987
In An Orbit All His Own
Whether he's pouring in points or putting together business deals, high-flying Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls is out of this world
By Curry Kirkpatrick

December 21, 1987
Airing Him Out
From Scorecard
By Steve Wulf

May 16, 1988
Air Jordan, Air Bulls
Michael Jordan soared, and some of his teammates even went aloft, too, as Chicago grounded Cleveland in the playoffs
By Jack McCallum

August 14, 1989
Sink, Blast You!
The putts don't all drop for Michael Jordan, but he wants to try the Tour someday
By E.M. Swift

November 6, 1989
Mission Impossible
No one shuts down Michael Jordan, but the champion Detroit Pistons have developed an intricate defensive system, called the Jordan Rules, that comes close to containing him
By Jack McCallum

December 17, 1990
Helping Hands
The Chicago Bulls try, again, to ease Michael Jordan's load
By Jack McCallum

June 24, 1991
Shining Moment
Michael Jordan dazzled as the Chicago Bulls won their first NBA title
By Jack McCallum

December 23, 1991
The Everywhere Man
The consummate player and the ultimate showman, Michael Jordan has captivated America and is about to conquer the world alone on the mountaintop Michael Jordan, a singular sportsman and athlete, stands at the pinnacle of his game
By Jack McCallum

June 22, 1992
Reaching for Greatness
Chicago beat Portland for its second straight NBA title, but do the Bulls belong among the league's alltime elite?
By Jack McCallum

June 28, 1993
They're History
In a memorable series, the Bulls defeated the Suns for their third straight title and joined the NBA's alltime elite
By Jack McCallum

November 22, 1993
The Jordan Heirs
There may be life after Michael, but the Bulls are struggling to find it
By Phil Taylor

March 14, 1994
Err Jordan
Try as he might, Michael Jordan has found baseball beyong his grasp
By Steve Wulf

September 19, 1994
Michael Jordan
From the Sports Illustrated 40th Anniversary Issue
By Jack McCallum

March 27, 1995
Michael Jordan's return to the NBA was greeted like the second coming, even if his play at times was ragged
By Phil Taylor

May 8, 1995
Is Jordan Enough?
By Phil Taylor

June 24, 1996
After they had subdued the surprisingly feisty Sonics for their fourth NBA title in six years, the Bulls popped their corks over their record-setting '95-96 season
By Phil Taylor

June 23, 1997
To the Top
By winning a fifth NBA title, the Bulls attained the imperial stature of the Celtics' and the Lakers' dynasties
By Phil Taylor

June 22, 1998
Six Shooter
Saving his best for what may not be his last, the magnificent Michael Jordan coolly broke Utah's heart and led the Bulls to another title
By Phil Taylor

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