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All-Star Weekend bittersweet for Warriors fans

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Posted: Sunday February 13, 2000 06:07 PM

  Vince Carter What could have been: Vince Carter was the Warriors' first-round pick in 1998, only to be traded away on the same day. AP

By Jennifer A. Cooper,

OAKLAND -- This weekend has been full of "what might have beens" for Warriors fans. First, their city is deemed unacceptable for the housing and feeding of the league and its guests. Then Saturday night, they had to watch "the one that got away" rule their house.

On June 24, 1998, Golden State drafted Vince Carter fifth overall in the NBA Draft. His rights were quickly traded to Toronto in exchange for cash and the No. 4 pick, Antawn Jamison. How much cash would it take to make that deal legit? The amount is still "undisclosed," but it's safe to say that it wasn't enough.

To add insult to injury, Warriors season-ticket holders (yes, there are a few) got tickets to this weekend's festivities based on a lottery system. And if they were lucky enough to attend, they were seated in the rafters. You'd think suffering through every Golden State game would be worth more than that.

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Malone watch, Day 3
Sunday is the day. There's been no Karl Malone sighting as of yet, but we'll find out soon enough if we're going to be graced with the presence of the Mailman. Funny, though, his absence went pretty much unnoticed Saturday, a day dominated by the league's youngsters. I guess that's what Karl was worried about.

My generation
Speaking of the youngsters, Philadelphia's Larry Hughes (age 21) called Minnesota's Kevin Garnett (23) old. Guess that makes John Stockton (37) and Reggie Miller (34) ancient. The changing of the guard is almost complete.

Sunshine on a cloudy day
The weather may have been nasty all weekend, but, as the Clippers' Lamar Odom pointed out, the Rookie Game cleared the clouds from the Arena. "It was raining in Oakland all weekend, but I think today there was a lot of sunshine in the gym."


Slam-dunk judges' emotional reactions to Vince Carter's dunks


Kenny Smith


Cynthia Cooper


George Gervin


Isiah Thomas


Rick Barry

Half Empty, Half Full

Stevie Wonder
Houston's Steve Francis was the busiest man in Oakland on Saturday. He participated in the Rookie Game, the 2ball competition and the slam dunk championship.

Good spin: Francis looked like he had a blast, particularly as his rookie team took it to the sophomores.

Bad spin: Francis didn't fare so well in the other contests. He and Cynthia Cooper failed to defend Houston's 2ball title, and Vince Carter showed up for the slam dunk.

The entertainment between events was a mixed bag.

Good spin: The guy from Israel who bounced a basketball on his forehead was at least interesting. He climbed up and down a ladder and took off two shirts to reveal a John Starks Warriors jersey, keeping the rhythm going, and then managed to make a close-in basket and get his own rebound.

Bad spin: The Warrior girls received a decidedly lukewarm response, but they were better than the failure of an autographed-basketball giveaway. Two contestants were to slingshot T-shirts into the crowd and the first to hit a bull's-eye target would win the ball. Neither participant managed to hit the target during the TV timeout.

Feeding the media frenzy
The spread the NBA provided to the media was located in the Club area of the Oakland Coliseum, and snacks and soft drinks were available in the media workroom.

Good spin: The meal featured roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes and an array of desserts.

Bad spin: The hike to the Coliseum made it impossible to get something to eat and get work done, and the ravenous crowd made short work of the snacks in the workroom.

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