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 Nik Caner-Medley  
 Position: Small Forward
 School: Maryland
 Conference: Atlantic Coast
 Height, Weight: 6'8, 240
ANALYSIS: Named to the All-ACC team two years in a row and being named team MVP after his senior season clearly show Caner-Medley's college career was not too shabby. It is easy to spot Caner-Medley on the floor because he is left-handed, plays extremely hard, slashes fearlessly to the basket and aggressively shoots jumpers with defenders on him. Caner-Medley led Maryland in scoring the last two seasons, scoring 16 points per game his junior season and 15.3 per game his senior season. Caner-Medley is a streaky outside shooter, but when he is hot he can carry a team as back-to-back 30-point games on the road against Georgia Tech and Temple his senior season show. Caner-Medley's three-point percentage was 36 percent his senior season because he did not force as many three-point shots, compared to when he shot 50 more three-pointers as a junior and shot 34-percent. In college, he was strong enough and just quick enough to take smaller players to the basket, but he will not be able to outquick NBA players. He is a solid rebounder and averaged 6.3 per game as a senior. Caner-Medley's free-throw percentage improved every year, and he shot 82 percent last season. He is also a solid ball-handler for his size. Everyone should play as hard as Caner-Medley does. But his effort alone will not be enough for him to make an NBA roster. His lack of foot speed and lack of explosion hurts his draft chances. Caner-Medley should be able to excel overseas with his sometimes reckless, effective style like he did at Maryland against other players that lack that extra something to play in the NBA.

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