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Today is my last day at It has been a pleasure and an honor to have my name on this website, near those two letters — “SI” — for the last two years. They are iconic, and SI, in print and online, has long set the standard for sports journalism. The fact that Sports Illustrated — especially Paul Fichtenbaum, Brad Weinstein, Paul Forrester and Nicki Jhabvala — trusted me to write its NBA blog is something that is still almost beyond my understanding. Each of them has been crucial to whatever success this blog might have had in my time here. I owe each of them a giant thank-you, especially Brad, with whom I worked most closely over the full two years, and who does more for than any reader will ever know.

Another big thank-you to the readers who have digested my ramblings about this silly league, even through the considerable growing pains that come with starting a blog like this. It takes at least a year — for me, anyway — to really find your footing on this kind of platform. That first year is a whirlwind of mistakes, false starts and experiments in search of the proper tone, post schedule and volume. Even today, sometimes there is too much, sometimes too little. Thank you for your patience, your emails and your tweets, even the ones in which you accused me at varying times of hating every single one of the NBA’s 30 franchises. (I really only hate 14 of them.) Starting around Oct., 1, you’ll be able to find my writing here.

Thanks also to the countless writers of all types from whom I learn every day. I won’t name them here because it would take too long, and because I get to link to them every day and tell them how great they are whenever I bump into them at games, All-Star weekend, summer league, etc. There are so many smart people covering basketball, it’s staggering. Some work at big news outlets, some have started their own blogs and are scrambling for eyeballs. Some are funny, some know the cap as well as most assistant GMs and some can diagram Sacramento’s five most common offensive sets on a napkin in two minutes. All of them make us smarter about a very complex game, one that can rarely be reduced to simple declarations of who is “good” or “bad” or “clutch,” and if I’ve joined them in that effort, then The Point Forward has been a success.

Thanks to various folks around the league — agents, coaches, scouts, players, lawyers, cap gurus and executives — who have been kind enough to entertain my questions and get my brain going in directions it wouldn’t necessarily go on its own.

Thanks, everyone. Get some rest during what little of the NBA’s dog days we have left, because 29 teams (OK, maybe three or four) will come gunning for the Heat in six weeks or so.

Zach Lowe

Editor’s Note: Check back soon for the relaunch of’s NBA blog.

  • Published On 5:12pm, Sep 11, 2012
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    JoeDon 5 pts

    Shocked and saddened by this . I've really come to depend on the Point Forward for my NBA analysis . You've actually changed the way I watch and study the game . I appreciate now the stats within the stats that show who can really play in the league . Thanks for your great writing and the way you've highlighted other great writing . Look forward to readying your work on grantland . 

    marvlowe.1 5 pts

    Zach, good luck on your new undertaking. Glad I checked your site out today or I would have wondered what the heck happened.  I assume you'll still be involved in the NBA.

    Uncle Marv

    frankshuzhi 5 pts

    Zach, thanks so much for the good and comprehensive articles.

    flashbuzzer 5 pts

    Zach - thanks for your well-written and insightful articles.

    Ming Wang 5 pts

    Zach thanks so much for all your contributions. This blog has been a daily must read for me ever since I discovered it nearly a year ago. I look forward to reading you on Grantland. 

    lesterfreamon 5 pts

    Best writer in the game.  I hope you write as frequently at Grantland as you have here.

    andrewseah2123 5 pts

    Zach, your take on hoops is refreshing and insightful. I have learnt so much from you. Thnaks for your time and effort. Definitely the best NBA blog out there. 


    All the best to your new venture. Embrace it. You have a follower here. 


    Andrew from Singapore. 

    jrd4100 5 pts

    The move from CH to SI was clearly up, and I was happy to see SI expanding its basketball horizons. This move now is not so clear. Could be up, down or lateral. Whatever the case, I hope you get what you're looking for. Your input has been great all these years. Maybe just a tad too PC... but then I suppose that's unavoidable given the "hand that feeds" nature of the subject(s).

    edwardchung20 5 pts

    I will dearly miss your thoughtful insight and analysis but it is a tremendous relief that you aren't gone for good.   You are definitely in my top 3 of basketball writers.  I'm looking forward to seeing you and Sebastian Pruiti collaborate together on Grantland.

    Imran3B 5 pts

    Good luck Mr. Lowe! Always enjoyed reading your articles, especially the technical ones because they helped me gain a better understanding of the game. I hear you'll be in Grantland now which makes me feel better because I'm glad your not going to stop writing. Best of luck in the future and thanks for your writing.

    mateorod9 5 pts

    I was legitimately pissed, but now I see you won't be hard to find. They sure do a good job poaching writers, and this is no exception. You were buried back here, anyway.


    Why didn't you ever do a story about Shaq going to play in Mexico?

    dswan3rd 5 pts

    Best wishes Zach - I thoroughly enjoyed your "ramblings" and looked forward to the ten items listed every Monday afternoon. Good luck at Grantland!!!

    brad457 5 pts

    This was the best NBA Blog... I hope it can continue living up the standards you set... but usually life doesn't work that way.  You will be missed.

    ZachHarris 5 pts

    I really hope that this move is a step up and not something forced.  I've been a huge fan since Celticshub, and I'll continue reading on Grantland.  Thanks for the great work man.

    PiotrOlszański 5 pts

    First thing I was reading in th morning, lots of good stuff. SI should hold you with any means it is necessary in my opinion:) Good lunc with new project, best wishes from Poland

    Tom13 5 pts

    Wow, I'm sad to read this. This was my favorite nba blog. Hope you do well on the other site and this one continues successfully. 

    simondelmonte 5 pts

    Good luck over there.  Hoping that maybe you and Henry Abbott get to team up once in a while.

    jocelyn54936 5 pts

    been reading for a good year now, really enjoyed the blog and look forward to reading you over at grantland. you are one of maybe 3 NBA writers who i find write a at a consistently high level about consistently interesting subjects!

    rainmanansala 5 pts

    Thank you Mr. Lowe for the insight and thought-provoking analysis you have provided. Your blog is one of the first things I read everyday, whether at work or at home.


    I am also a Grantland reader, and I like Bill Simmons too, mainly because he's a Celtics/Red Sox fan as well.


    Congratulations and I look forward to more of your pieces in Grantland.

    RayDickman 5 pts

    Congrats on the new opportunity!  I'm already a grantland reader, so it'll be a nice smooth transition for me...and that's what really matters.

    borisadm 5 pts

    Thanks Zach - you've been writing the best basketball analysis around, look forward to keeping in touch with your new gig. Thanks also to the SI editors for making a great hire, this was always at the top of my reading list. 

    thesecondmostrandomemail 5 pts

    i was referred to this site from celticsblog when u first started at the pointfoward


    i've been a consistent and satisfied reader of yours over the past 2 years


    I will continue to follow u at grantland







    ajoseph 5 pts

    omg is Bill Simmons taking over the world? Ever since I discovered your blog I have turned to it for NBA analysis which I have enjoyed immensely. Thanks and good luck.

    brudle 5 pts

    Always enjoyed your writing and analysis.


    arjun 5 pts

    Best writer I've had the pleasure of reading over the last couple years. Now I have a reason to actually pay attention to Grantland.

    DanielJokelson 5 pts



    What prompted the change?  You were doing such a fabulous job here.  I'm gonna miss the daily analyses, links to other articles, interviews and all that you brought to it.  I'm just surprised at the move.  Is Grantland gonna be a full-time gig for you?  And if not, what else are you gonna be doing?


    Thanks a lot,



    MikeLevkowitz 5 pts

    Damn Zach - Sorry to see you go. Looking forward to reading your stuff on that other website I probably shouldn't specifically name. 


    To Brad Weinstein, Paul Forrester @paulfichtenbaum and @NickiJhabvala (and any other relevant SI editors): My name's Michael Levkowitz and I'd like to fill the void being left by Zach's departure. 


    Check out one of the pieces from my current site, Not Your Father's Water Cooler; In Defense of Daryl Morey ( which somehow led to Mr. Morey himself following me on twitter.