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Ultimate Basketball Draft

Here's a look at Joe Posnanski's complete roster and the writer's analysis of his team, including his preferred starting lineup, his pick in the coaches' draft and his assessment of how these players would come together on the court.

Team Posnanski: Draft Results
12CWilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlainstarter

50.4 ppg, 25.7 rpg in '61-62; 100-point game; four MVPs

219FJulius Erving

Julius Ervingstarter

Four MVPs (three ABA), three championships (two ABA)

322GIsiah Thomas

Isiah Thomasstarter

Two titles; '90 Finals MVP; No. 5 all time in APG (9.3)

439GJohn Havlicek

John Havlicekstarter

Eight titles in '60s/'70s; Celtics' all-time scoring leader

542FDirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzkistarter

'07 MVP; '11 Finals MVP; four-time All-NBA first team

659CDwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Record three straight Defensive Player of Year awards

762FDolph Schayes

Dolph Schayes

Six-time All-NBA first team in '50s; 12 consecutive ASGs

879GMark Price

Mark Price

No. 1 all time in FT shooting (90.4%); '93 All-NBA first team

982FGrant Hill

Grant Hill

All-NBA first- or second-team pick from 1995-2000

1099GVince Carter

Vince Carter

Eight straight '00s All-Star Games; '99 Rookie of the Year

11102CJerry Lucas

Jerry Lucas

Five-time All-NBA; No. 4 all time in rpg; '64 leader in FG%

12119GMichael Cooper

Michael Cooper

Five titles with '80s Lakers; '87 Defensive Player of Year

Team Posnanski: Roster Analysis
Four-time MVP Wilt Chamberlain averaged 30.1 points and 22.9 rebounds in his career.
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

COACH: Bob Knight, the seventh pick (out of 10) in the coaches' draft. Oh, man, would I love to see what a young Knight would do with a team this talented and versatile -- and whether or not the players would end up killing him. Knight is smart enough to adapt, and in taking his old Ohio State teammate Jerry Lucas, I'm hoping that would ease any tensions.

Photo Gallery: Bob Knight through the years

STYLE OF PLAY: The thing I love about this team is that it really could play any style -- I'll leave that up Knight. This team could put Isiah Thomas, Vince Carter, Julius Erving, Dirk Nowitzki and Wilt Chamberlain out there and run like the wind. This team could put Michael Cooper, John Havlicek, Grant Hill, Lucas and Dwight Howard out there and play a vicious kind of half-court game. This team could put Mark Price, Thomas, Hill, Dolph Schayes and Chamberlain out there and destroy you with three-pointers (while everyone collapsed on poor Wilt). There's no style this team couldn't play, and the players are so versatile that they could easily be moved around to different positions.

Photo Galleries: Wilt Chamberlain | Dwight Howard

BIGGEST CONCERNS: I don't want this to sound wrong ... but I have no concerns. This team is virtually unbeatable, even by the greatest teams of all time. I guess I don't have a lot of size at power forward on the bench, though I think Lucas and Schayes would hold up just fine. And I think the personalities would mesh well.

MY GAME-ON-THE-LINE PLAY: I'd let Knight decide. That's why I hired him.

SCARIEST RIVAL: Alex Wolff's team has Michael Jordan and, as such, is a threat. And Chris Ballard's team, with Bill Russell and LeBron James, would certainly be a monster. But no team scares us. As our coach likes to say: "#^#&$^$&#^."

WHY MY TEAM IS THE BEST: The real question is: How do you feel about Wilt Chamberlain? If you feel that he was somehow an underachiever and lacking in competitive power, well, you will see the team one way. If you feel, like I do, that he was the most dynamic offensive force ever, then you realize that nobody is going to beat this team. With Wilt at center, Hall of Famers all around him and Knight calling the shots, nobody's touching these guys.

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