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Special Commemorative: 1996-97 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls

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The Ref messed up the game on both ends...but considering Pip playing in EXTREME pain and Jordan doing what he does, the Bulls deserve it!
    -- Kenny-o
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NBA Playoffs Sights and Sounds

June 8
Watch Rodman swing more than his elbows at a WCW wrestler
Quicktime (1M)
Utah coach Jerry Sloan says the Bulls kept pouring it on
(161 K)
Jordan says the Bulls had to make a statement in Game 3
(133 K)
Michael Jordan says the Bulls' mission is to go for the jugular
(115 K)

June 7
Karl Malone on getting motivated for Game 4
(77 K)
Scottie Pippen explains how the Bulls view the series
(140 K)
Karl Malone on why the Jazz have no excuses for their Game 3 performance
(207 K)
Jazz coach Jerry Sloan on the final score of Game 3
(122 K)
Michael Jordan on the Bulls' defense against Utah
(132 K)
Bryan Burwell examines the Bulls' defense in Game 3
Quicktime (1M)
Bryan Burwell explains the importance of turnovers in Game 3
Quicktime (1M)
Jordan and the Bulls led 49-31 at halftime and continued to pour it on in the second half
Quicktime (1M)
Steve Kerr explains why Game 3 ranks as one of the Bulls' best playoff performances
(102 K)
Jeff Hornacek explains why Game 3 will be hard to forget
(176 K)
Toni Kukoc explains why he enjoyed Game 3
(120 K)
Jud Buechler explains why he was surpised the Bulls played so well
(116 K)

June 6
Jazz coach Jerry Sloan explains why his team lost
(146 K)
Karl Malone explains why the series rests on his shoulders
(159 K)
Michael Jordan on the Bulls' defense against Karl Malone
(175 K)
Utah had an 86-85 lead with one minute left when Stockton lost the ball and the Bulls converted
Quicktime (2M)

June 4
Michael Jordan on the missed chances in Game 1
(390 K)
Scottie Pippen on the missed opportunities for the Bulls' offense
(206 K)
John Stockton on the shot that put the Jazz up by four points in overtime
(90 K)
Jazz coach Jerry Sloan on Stockton's execution in overtime
(172 K)
In overtime the Bulls sputtered and the Jazz extended the lead
Quicktime (2M)
The Bulls pulled even in the fourth quarter, but the Jazz had a shot to win in regulation
Quicktime (1M)
See the Bulls' last chance to tie the Jazz in overtime
Quicktime (1M)

June 3
Karl Malone doesn't buy into the theory that the Bulls are tired
(1440 K)

June 1
Antonio Davis says the Bulls' confidence was evident
(147 K)
Chicago's Steve Kerr says he got a little nervous in the middle of the fourth quarter
(150 K)
Luc Longley explains his emotions during the Pacers' run
(54 K)
Michael Jordan says the Bulls were confident all along
(222 K)
See Jordan and Kukoc duel with Reggie Miller
Quicktime (1 M)
Watch Jordan, Pippen and the Bulls defense finish off the Pacers
Quicktime (1 M)

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