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DatePlayerDays OutNotes
04/11/2002Chris Dudley0 Sore lower back
04/06/2002Bonzi Wells0 Sore left knee
04/06/2002Rick Brunson0 Sore left knee
04/06/2002Zachary Randolph11 Right hip contusion
03/26/2002Rasheed Wallace0 Lower back strain
03/04/2002Erick Barkley33 Left knee tendinitis
03/01/2002Ruben Boumtje Boumtje36 Sprained left ankle
02/21/2002Scottie Pippen0 viral infection
02/18/2002Zachary Randolph11 Sprained right ankle
02/02/2002Derek Anderson0 DND - NWT -- Sprained left big toe
01/13/2002Ruben Boumtje Boumtje36 Sprained left ankle
01/10/2002Dale Davis0 NWT- Family Issues
01/07/2002Chris Dudley0 Food poisoning
01/01/2002Zachary Randolph12 Sprained right ankle
12/30/2001Mitchell Butler102 Sprained left knee
12/15/2001Chris Dudley15 Rotator cuff weakness in right shoulder
12/14/2001Scottie Pippen18 Right knee contusion
12/12/2001Scottie Pippen0 sprained right knee
12/01/2001Erick Barkley84 Left patella tendinitis
11/23/2001Ruben Boumtje Boumtje8 Left knee patella tendinitis
11/23/2001Bonzi Wells0 Inflammation of the right knee
11/22/2001Ruben Patterson0 right leg pain
11/20/2001Scottie Pippen11 Right knee contusion
11/13/2001Damon Stoudamire10 Right knee tendinitis
10/31/2001Derek Anderson0 DTD - Sprained right ankle
10/29/2001Rick Brunson15 Left foot metatarsal sprain
10/29/2001Mitchell Butler46 Left knee, quadriceps tendinitis
10/29/2001Chris Dudley22 Right shoulder rotator cuff weekness

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