Knicks’ billionaire pitch to The King

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The Knicks’ meeting with The King on Thursday included much more than a max $16.5 million contract. Like $84 million more.

Like their rivals across the Hudson, they told LeBron he could become a billionaire in New York. And to make their case, they commissioned a study from marketing consultant Interbrand to show The Chosen One just how he could earn nearly $1 billion over his lifetime in salary and endorsement deals in New York, and, if he finishes his career with the Knicks, maybe even up to $2 billion.

While the report fails to detail its methodology, it claims there’s a 48.6 percent chance LeBron would become a billionaire in New York, compared to 1.3 percent in Cleveland, 1 percent in Chicago and 0 percent in Miami.’s Steve Bertoni got his hands on this fancy shmancy Powerpoint presentation. Take a peak.

By Nicki Jhabvala, NBA editor for
  • Published On Jul 02, 2010
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