Scott ’75-85 percent’ sure LeBron will stay

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Byron Scott is confident The King will stay home (AP)

Cavs new coach Byron Scott is pretty sure LeBron will stay in Cleveland. Actually, he’s about 75-85 percent sure.

Scott was on ESPN 710 when he said:

“This is just a gut feeling. If I’m going by my gut feeling I would say there is a 75 to 85 percent chance. I feel really good about that. In talking with Chris [Grant] and Lance [Blanks] they feel really good about it and I’m sure Dan [Gilbert] does as well. We feel we’re going to present a very good case and we’re looking forward to it.

“They feel really good that they have a great chance to get him to come back here in Cleveland.  Obviously we’re going to present our case.  I talked to some people about him as a person, I know what kind of basketball player he is, and just as a person, just a great guy, hard worker, wants to be pushed, wants to be the best and those things helped make the decision easy for me.  Obviously if it goes well and next week if he decides to come back here which we are really, really hoping will happen, I’m stepping into a situation to where I’m gonna be able to lead and coach a team that has an opportunity to win a championship right away.”

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By Nicki Jhabvala, NBA editor for
  • Published On Jul 06, 2010
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