Cuban knows where The King is headed

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Mark Cuban thinks that after all the hoopla, LeBron will stay in Cleveland. (Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Mark Cuban has thought long and hard about LeBron’s impending decision, and though he still doesn’t know how to spell The King’s name, the Mavs owner has an idea of where he’ll go.

In his latest blog post, Cuban said he a p.r. firm this afternoon tell some media outlets that “Lebron” was Miami-bound. But that scenario alone should raise red flags, he argues: Why would a p.r. firm, whose sole purpose is promote an event or client, ruin the impact of a one-hour TV special?

But just imagine if it’s true, he continues. Imagine the reaction if LeBron chooses Miami. Think of all the cabana parties all along South Beach, while his (former) fans in Cleveland sink into a deep depression. LeBron will instant go from Cleveland God to Public Enemy No. 1.

Now, imagine if he stays in Cleveland. Imagine the parties on the streets, the kids laughing and playing, the quaint setting that will invevitably follow as LeBron utters the words “I’m staying home.”

“…tonight means everything,” writes Cuban. “Which is exactly why I think he is going back to the Cavs. The sports world is full of uncertainties. When in doubt, go for the love. Which is what you do when you make the mistake of not coming to the Mavs :)

Note: Cuban put the smiley face at the end of his post. Not me. []

By Nicki Jhabvala, NBA editor for
  • Published On Jul 08, 2010
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