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Greatest. LeBron mixtapes. EVER.

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If you’re not a rap fan, this is where you stop reading. If you are … you’re in luck. Vitamin Water pulled together some rappers for a few mixtapes for LeBron. Each rapper is from a different city — like Chip Tha Ripper, a Clevelander –  as they clearly convey on the these tracks. Prepare for awesomeness.

Greatness No. 1:

Greatness No. 2:

Greatness No. 3 :

Feel free to dowload these bad boys here. Who knows? Maybe LeBron’s doing it as we speak.

  • Published On Jun 02, 2010
  • The Thong/LeBron Song

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    A Kings fan courts LeBron with a party anthem. (D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

    Thanks to a Sacramento Kings fan, we bring you … The Thong LeBron Song. Somewhere, Sisqo is beaming with pride. [ThatNBALotteryPick vis KHTK 1140]

  • Published On May 28, 2010