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Artest gets 3-game ban for destroying camera equipment

Posted: Saturday January 04, 2003 6:36 PM
Updated: Saturday January 04, 2003 8:12 PM
  Television camera This is what a $100,000 high-definition camera looks like after it goes a few rounds with Ron Artest. AP

NEW YORK (AP) -- Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest was suspended for three games without pay and fined $35,000 by the NBA on Saturday for hurling a television monitor and smashing a camera to pieces following a game the previous night.

Artest stormed off the court after the Pacers lost to the Knicks 98-96 at New York on Friday night, grabbed a monitor and threw it. He then approached a cameraman, yanked the high-definition $100,000 camera away from him and smashed it to the floor.

"Tough loss, I guess," said MSG Network cameraman Mike Miner, who was filming in the tunnel leading from the court.

The league said the $35,000 fine will be applied to the damages to the equipment. Since the fine will not cover the entire cost of the camera, Artest will likely be asked to pay the difference.

"Ron Artest will deal directly with Madison Square Garden on that matter," NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.

MSG Network spokesman Eric Gelfand said his company had no comment.

Artest began serving the suspension Saturday and was not with the team, which played at Washington. He will also miss the Pacers' games at Indiana on Monday and against New York on Wednesday.

"I can understand where they're coming from," Pacers coach Isiah Thomas said Saturday. "Any time you do something like that, you put yourself in a position where others can control you."

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