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Tour de France Timeline: 1949-1934

Updated: Wednesday July 03, 2002 10:43 AM

1999-1982 | 1981-1966 | 1965-1950 | 1949-1934 | 1933-1919 | 1918-1903
Jacques Goddet of l'Equipe takes over as tour director.
No tour because of World War II.
Desgrange dies.
Desgrange agrees to the use of three-speed derailleurs. Roger Lapebic of France wins in a time of 138:58:13 with an average speed of 31.741 kph (19.7239 mph), thanks to the new derailleurs.
Spain's Francesco Cepeda dies after he plunges down a ravine while descending Mount Galabier (2,645 meters) in the Alps.
A heretofore littleknown Frenchman, Rene Vietto, climbs to glory in the Alps and wins three stages. Then, on learning that tour leader and premier French rider Antonin Magne has a broken wheel, Vietto rides back and gives Magne his bicycle to continue. Magne wins while Vietto finishes fifth and wins acclaim as King of the Mountains.
1999-1982 | 1981-1966 | 1965-1950 | 1949-1934 | 1933-1919 | 1918-1903

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