Sports Illustrated Daily, August 2, 1996

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A look at the Serious and the Silly at the Olympic Games

Adding the 200 gold to his 400, Michael Johnson cut his world record to 19.32
by Tim Layden

In Trouble from the Get-go
Three U.S. boxers couldn't punch their way to the finals, but four Cubans kept golden hopes alive
by Johnette Howard

Soccer's Biggest Kick
The U.S. women's team won gold for themselves as well as for a legion of future fans
by Peter King

Money in the Bank
Australia down, Yugoslavia to go for the lock of the century: the Dream Team
by Michael Bamberger

Ban These Games
Memo to Sydney: In Olympic sports, less is definitely more
by Gerry Callahan

A Different Look
Photo Act

    Cover Image
After a brief retirement, Brazil guard Hortência resumed her flamboyant reign as queen of the court
by Alexander Wolff

SI Olympic Flashback
9/27/88: The greatest diver proved his mettle
by Ron Fimrite

The Fleming File
Saving The Spirit
by David Fleming

Five Ring Circus: Olympic Cartoons
Therapy, by Al Kratzer
Bleacher Seats, by Sebastian Conley


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