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Our experts pick 1997's highs and lows. Click below.

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Overrated   Oakland
  They pay players in gold and get pyrite in return

Underrated   Steve Young, San Francisco   He'll get no kudos, won't be the All-Pro QB, and may be one concussion away from retirement, but he's on target for a sixth passing title and led the 49ers to 11 straight wins

Annoying   The 10 Minnesota owners   They're too cheap to keep free agents, yet scream bloody murder when Dennis Green can't win a playoff game

Breakthrough   Kicker Richie Cunningham, Dallas   Rookie makes the NFL minimum of $131,000, but will outscore Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders combined

Uplifting   Miami kicking coach Doug Blevins, who has cerebral palsy   Jimmy Johnson hired Blevins, who uses a motorized scooter on the sidelines, because "he was the best man for the job"

MVP   Carnell Lake, Pittsburgh   With apologies to Terrell Davis, Lake played not good but great corner in five starts and Pro Bowl-level safety the rest of the way


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