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Our experts pick 1997's highs and lows. Click below.

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Overrated   All-Star slam dunk contest   Without MJ, field is filled with young players and benchwarmers who try hard, but have nothing new to offer

Underrated   Mookie Blaylock, Atlanta   Led the league in steals last season and gave the Bulls fits in the playoffs; defensive whiz is a big reason the Hawks started 11-0

Annoying   Dennis Rodman, Chicago   Just your typical groin-kicking, Mormon-bashing, cross-dressing, attention-seeking year

Breakthrough   Glen Rice, Charlotte   Made the jump from good player to star, finishing third in scoring and winning All-Star MVP

Uplifting   Steve Smith, Atlanta   Guard dished out $2.5 million to his alma mater, Michigan State, in memory of his late mother

MVP   Michael Jordan, Chicago   Michael won his ninth scoring title, his fifth Finals MVP award and made his eighth appearance on the All-Defensive first team—any questions, Karl?


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