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Team Holyfield
A Day in the Life

November 6, 1993
Holyfield exacts revenge on Bowe, earning a majority decision, $11 million and the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles. The most memorable moment of the Caesars Palace bout occurred when James "Fan Man" Miller swooped into the ring via motorized paraglider during the seventh round.

April 26, 1994
Four days after losing his heavyweight titles in a 12-round majority decision to Michael Moorer, Holyfield's personal physician, Dr. Ronald Stephens, announces that Holyfield has been diagnosed with a hole in his heart and recommends retirement. Stephens said Holyfield fought Moorer in a state of "heart failure" and that it was "an absolute miracle" that he made it through.

June 10, 1994
At a Christian revival meeting in Philadelphia, Florida evangelist Benny Hinn lays his hands on Holyfield, offers a healing prayer, and announces that Holyfield's future wife is in the audience. Afterward Holyfield says that his heart condition is gone. Four days later additional tests done at Emory University's Crawford Long Hospital show improvement, and doctors at the Mayo Clinic subsequently find that the defect never existed. Holyfield insists the ordeal was a test from God.
soundicon Holyfield's reaction to hearing that he had a heart problem (141K)

May 20, 1995
Holyfield makes a triumphant return to the ring, winning a unanimous 10-round decision over Ray Mercer.

October 3, 1996
Holyfield marries Dr. Janice Itson—a 31-year-old internist who happened to have attended Hinn's Philadelphia meeting— in a private ceremony in Atlanta. His son, Evander Jr., serves as best man. (Holyfield has four other children: Ashley, Ebony, Ewiene and Emony.) Itson joins Holyfield in his $15 million, 54,000-square foot house in Atlanta.

November 9, 1996
In one of the most anticipated bouts in boxing history, Holyfield defeats Tyson by TKO in the 11th round to win the WBA title and join Muhammad Ali as the only three-time heavyweight champion.
soundicon Holyfield on what it means to be the only three-time champ besides Ali (119K)

June 28, 1997
With 33 seconds to go in the second round of Holyfield-Tyson II, a desperate Tyson bites Holyfield on the left ear. As Round 3 is about to end Tyson makes another lunge, this time chomping a piece of Holyfield's right ear and spitting it onto the mat. Referee Mills Lane disqualfies Tyson. Holyfield retains the title and takes home $35 million for his trouble.

November 8, 1997
Avenging his 1994 loss, a 35-year-old Holyfield buries Moorer with a TKO in the eighth round to capture the IBF title.

December 24, 1997
Contract talks break down among Holyfield, WBC champion Lennox Lewis and promoter Don King, thwarting hopes for a title-unification bout. Holyfield was unhappy with the financial guarantees promised by King.
soundicon Holyfield's thoughts on fighting Lennox Lewis (394K)


June 5, 1998
The day before Holyfield is scheduled to meet Henry Akinwande at Madison Square Garden, the bout is called off because the challenger failed his physical, testing positive for hepatitis B.

September 19, 1998
Holyfield defeats a surprisingly feisty Vaughn Bean in front of a hometown crowd of 41,357 at the Georgia Dome. Looking at times like an old fighter, Holyfield knocked Bean down in the 10th round and won a unanimous decision.

October 1998
Holyfield settles a paternity lawsuit in Fayette County Superior Court involving a girl about three-years-old Holyfield had already acknowledged fathering. A settlement was recorded the same day the suit was filed and court records were sealed to protect the child. Tamie Dewan Evans filed the suit and Judge Paschal English ordered the papers sealed. In September, Holyfield admitted publicly that he has fathered nine children -- three with his first wife, one with his second wife, and five others born out of wedlock with four women. Holyfield said he provides financially for all his children.

November 30, 1998
The highly anticipated heavyweight title unification bout between Holyfield (36-3, 25 KOs) and Lennox Lewis (34-1, 27 KOs) is announced. The champions agreed to meet March 13, 1999 at Madison Square Garden. Lewis, the WBC heavyweight champ will attempt to strip Holyfield of his WBA and IBF belts. Holyfield is guaranteed a minimum purse of $20 million. Lewis is guaranteed at least $9.5 million.


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