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Evanders Believe It Or Not! From Don King's bark to Mike Tyson's bite, Holyfield's career has been defined by the outrageous. Scroll through our timeline to relive the madness and mayhem.
SI at the Garden Sports Illustrated takes you ringside for 10 of the best bouts in Madison Square Garden history.
Molding a Champion CNN/SI followed Holyfield through a typical day of training. Check out the video clips, but be sure to come back to Evander's Believe It Or Not.

Team Holyfield
A Day in the Life

They're known for bleeding, losing and taking a pounding. Check out our gallery of boxing's most unlikely contenders.
Ali & Wepner
March 24, 1975/Cleveland, Ohio

  "This sucker is a cinch," said Ali, looking ahead to his first defense since regaining the title from George Foreman in Zaire. But the plodding New Jersey nightclub bouncer known as "The Bayonne Bleeder" scored a disputed knockdown in the fourth round, survived 19 seconds short of the distance and became Sylvester Stallone's inspiration for Rocky, which was released about 18 months later.

Text by Evan Kanew
Photograph by Tony Tomsic
Illustration by Jeff Wong

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