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Evanders Believe It Or Not! From Don King's bark to Mike Tyson's bite, Holyfield's career has been defined by the outrageous. Scroll through our timeline to relive the madness and mayhem.
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Team Holyfield
A Day in the Life

They're known for bleeding, losing and taking a pounding. Check out our gallery of boxing's most unlikely contenders.
Ali & Coopman
Feb. 20, 1976/San Juan, Puerto Rico

  In the wake of the champ's third epic battle against Joe Frazier, Ali said he needed "a rest" so the heavyweight champion of Belgium, a sculptor of religious statues by trade, was blessed with a title shot. In the wee hours of the night before the fight, a sportswriter asked Coopman's American agent, George Kanter, if his fighter had a prayer. Replied Kanter: "Are you crazy?"

Text by Evan Kanew
Photograph by Herb Scharfman
Illustration by Jeff Wong

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