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Photograph by Lane Stewart

"Now, with the Red Sox about to come to bat, Rose gave an astonishing performance. He set about rousing his teammates, as if they were troops on the front line. He bellowed encouragement, pounded his fist into his glove, and bounced about the infield with enthusiasm that was contagious. He seemed to grow physically in stature, to tower over the situation. Even in the stands, his will to win could be felt."

Text by Ron Fimrite
Issue Date: December 22, 1975

Third baseman Pete Rose was the prime mover and also the heart of the Cincinnati Reds' "Big Red Machine," which won the World Series championship in 1975. Rose, who hit .317 during the regular season with 210 hits, 47 doubles and 112 runs scored, stepped it up in the playoffs. His .370 batting average, 10 hits and .469 on-base percentage in the World Series earned him MVP honors.

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