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He Hopes It Pays To Advertise

by Jackie MacMullan

Posted: Wed April 1, 1998

Sports Illustrated How badly does Warriors forward Donyell Marshall want to be named the league's Most Improved Player? Enough to hire ProServ to mount a campaign for his candidacy. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Marshall has been complaining that his own team hasn't promoted him enough. He noted, among other things, that his jersey wasn't displayed in shops selling Warriors merchandise.

While Marshall's numbers have taken a sizable leap—to 15.4 points and 8.5 rebounds a game, compared with last season's 7.3 points and 4.5 boards—even he has to recognize that Golden State has had its hands full with other public relations problems. In fact, say Warriors officials, one of the reasons that the team hadn't made him available to the national media until recently is that it feared (correctly) that any interview would be loaded with questions about Latrell Sprewell. Of course, there's also the matter of Marshall's blowing off at least two prearranged interviews already this season.

Meanwhile, Golden State's staff is busy preparing its own Marshall campaign literature for release this week. (His stiffest competition for the award: Henderson and Kings forward Corliss Williamson.) As for those missing jerseys, the Warriors say they ordered only two uniforms for the store at the New Arena earlier in the season: Joe Smith's and Sprewell's. After Smith was dealt to the 76ers and Sprewell suspended, the team asked for a shipment of Marshall's and Muggsy Bogues's uniforms. The Bogues jerseys came in, but Marshall's inexplicably have yet to arrive.

Issue date: April 6, 1998

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