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1998 Year in Review

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Valparaiso coach Homer Drew's boy lofts a 3 to beat Ole Miss

"The play, named Pacer after the NBA team from which the elder Drew lifted it, might be familiar to football fans as a sort of hoops hook-and-ladder play. Valpo had practiced it so often that Bryce spoke for all the Crusaders when he asked Homer, 'Why are we working on this? We never use it.' ... Drew caught the ball, stopped and -- in the grand tradition of the heretofore most celebrated citizen of the northwest Indiana city of Valparaiso, Orville Redenbacher -- popped. 'I felt like it was short,' Bryce would say after the 70-69 victory. Said Homer, 'God had an angel direct that ball over the front of the rim.'"
—Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated, March 23, 1998

Photo by David E. Klutho

Bryce Drew talks about the game-winning shot
Valpo coach Homer Drew breaks down the play which won the game
Bryce Drew on some of the side effects of the miracle shot
Valpo coach Homer Drew after the game-winning buzzer-beater
Rhode Island coach Jim Harrick says "Opie" is an assassin

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