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Medal Picks

SI's Brian Cazeneuve projects who will win every medal

Michele Frangilli, Italy
Lionel Torres, France
Ilario Di Buo', Italy
Frangilli and Torres have alternated as world No. 1 this year
South Korea
Host countries (South Korea, Spain and the U.S.) have won last three Olympic titles
Kim Soon Yung, SouthKorea
Kim Nam Soon, South Korea
Alison Williamson, Great Britain
Watch for 18-year-old phenom Karen Scavotto from Connecticut
South Korea
South Koreans are unbeaten at Games since event's debut in '88
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Taufik Hidayat, Indonesia
Hendrawan, Indonesia
Peter Gade Christensen, Denmark
Hidayat, 19, is nation's teen idol
Wijaya & Gunawan, Indonesia
Ha & Kim, South Korea
Subagja & Mainaky, Indonesia
Pairs from Asia have won all 17 Olympic doubles medals
Gong Zhichao, China
Camilla Martin, Denmark
Dai Yun, China
Martin and fiancé Peter Gade Christensen are first the couple of Danish sports
Ge & Gu, China
Ra & Chung, South Korea
Huang & Yang, China
Defending gold medalists Ge Fei and Gu Jun teamed up at age nine
Kim & Ra, South Korea
Liu & Ge, China
Kusharyanto & Timur, Indonesia
South Korean duo won medals in '96, but with different partners
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Japan has eight of its top pros
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No Shaq? No Kobe? No Duncan? No worries
Americans are 23-1, with three gold medals and one bronze, in last four Olympics
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48 kg (106 lbs.)
Brian Viloria, U.S.
Maikro Romero, Cuba
Ivan Calderon, Puerto Rico
Valeri Sydorenko, Ukraine
Viloria, a.k.a. the Hawaiian Punch, avenged 4-1 April loss to Calderon with easy win in August
51 kg (112 lbs.)
Bulat Dzhumadilov, Kazakhstan
Volodimir Sydorenko, Ukraine
Omar Narváez, Argentina
Daniel Ponce, Mexico
Dzhumadilov lost 12-11 to Cuba's Maikro Romero in '96 final
54 kg (119 lbs.)
Agasi Agaguloglu, Turkey
Raimkul Malakhbekov, Russia
Raicu Crinu Olteanu, Romania
Clarence Vinson, U.S.
Vinson weighed 55 pounds for his first bout, when he was eight
57 kg (126 lbs.)
Ricardo Juarez, U.S.
Ramazan Palyani, Turkey
Falk Huste, Germany
Tulkunbay Turgunov, Uzbekistan
Juarez was destined to box -- his middle name is Rocky
60 kg (132 lbs.)
Mario Kindelán, Cuba
Cristián Bejarano, Mexico
David Jackson, U.S.
Alexander Maletin, Russia
This has been Cuba's worst class
63.5 kg (140 lbs.)
Mahammatkodir Abdullayev, Uzbekistan
Alexander Leonov, Russia
Miguel Cotto, Puerto Rico
Diógenes Luna, Cuba
Abdullayev, a Muslim, kneels and bows to the east after a win
67 kg (148 lbs.)
Bulent Ulusoy, Turkey
Roberto Guerra, Cuba
Francisco Calderon, Colombia
Parkpoom Changponak, Thailand
With Juan Hernández's move to 71 kg, this class is wide open
71 kg (156 lbs.)
Juan Hernández, Cuba
Marian Simion, Romania
Adnan Catic, Germany
Jermain Taylor, U.S.
Hernández has won four world titles, but only silver in Olympics
75 kg (165 lbs.)
Jorge Gutiérrez, Cuba
Utkirbek Haydarov, Uzbekistan
Zsolt Erdei, Hungary
Jeff Lacy, U.S.
Australia's Paul Miller could win medal before home folks
81 kg (179 lbs.)
Alexander Lebziak, Russia
Troy Amos Ross, Canada
Isael Alvarez, Cuba
Hugo Garay,Argentina
U.S. team dropped world champion Michael Simms for bad behavior
91 kg (201 lbs.)
Félix Savón, Cuba
Michael Bennett, U.S.
Soultan Ibraghimov, Russia
Vladimir Schanturia, Georgia
Ex-con Bennett won '99 worlds without fighting the great Savón
91+ kg (201+ lbs.)
Calvin Brock, U.S.
Alexis Rubalcaba, Cuba
Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov, Kazakhstan
Paolo Vidoz, Italy
The 6'2" Brock has a finance degree and works as a banker
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Canoe singles 500 meters
Andreas Dittmer, Germany
Martin Doktor, Czech Republic
Gyorgy Kozmann, Hungary
In 1996 Dittmer won gold in canoe pairs 1,000 meters
Canoe singles 1,000 meters
Martin Doktor, Czech Republic
Andreas Dittmer, Germany
Steve Giles, Canada
Doktor's orders: Devour Mom's dumplings before major events
Canoe pairs 500 meters
Jedraszko & Baraszkiewicz, Poland
Pulai & Novak, Hungary
Kovalev & Kostoglod, Russia
Since '84 the 12 medalists in this event have been from 11 countries
Canoe pairs 1,000 meters
Kovalev & Kostoglod, Russia
Pricop & Popescu, Romania
Buday & Buday, Canada
Buday brothers' father, Tamás, won two canoeing bronze medals for Hungary in 1976
Canoe singles slalom (whitewater)
Michal Martikan, Slovakia
Juraj Mincik, Slovakia
Nico Bettge, Germany
In 1996, Martikan, then 17, won Slovakia's first Olympic gold ever
Canoe pairs slalom (whitewater)
Hochschorner & Hochschorner, Slovakia
Jiras & Mader, Czech Republic
Kolomanski & Staniszewski, Poland
Peter and Pavol Hochschorner are 21-year-old twins
Kayak singles 500 meters
Akos Vereckei, Hungary
Petar Merkov, Bulgaria
Knut Holmann, Norway
Holmann has won a medal at every worlds and Olympics since 1990
Kayak singles 1,000 meters
Knut Holmann, Norway
Lutz Liwowski, Germany
Michael Kalganov, Israel
In Atlanta, Liwowski missed winning a medal in the 1,000 by .3 of a second
Kayak pairs 500 meters
Twardowski & Wysocki, Poland
Trim & Collins, Australia
Rauhe & Wieskötter, Germany
Polish and Australian duos each have won world titles
Kayak pairs 1,000 meters
Riszdorfer & Baca, Slovakia
Schäfer & Winter, Germany
Twardowski & Wysocki, Poland
Slovakians defeated Poles by just .2 of a second to win last year's world championship
Kayak fours 1,000 meters (whitewater)
Cuba blocked defector Angel Perez from taking seat he had earned in U.S. four
Kayak singles slalom (whitewater)
Paul Ratcliffe, Great Britain
Scott Shipley, U.S.
Thomas Schmidt, Germany
Gentleman Shipley lent boat to Bosnian paddler at '96 Games
Kayak singles 500 meters
Caroline Brunet, Canada
Josefa Idem, Italy
Katrin Borchert, Australia
Borchert won silver medal for her native Germany in Barcelona
Kayak pairs 500 meters
Pastuszka & Sokolowska, Poland
Brunet & Furneaux, Canada
Fischer & Wagner, Germany
Atlanta silver medalist Caroline Brunet carries flag for Canada in opening ceremonies
Kayak fours 500 meters
Germany's Birgit Fischer, 38, has won eight Olympic medals since 1980
Kayak singles slalom (whitewater)
Elena Kaliska, Slovakia
Mandy Planert,Germany
Rebecca Bennett-Giddens, U.S.
Bennett-Giddens's husband, Eric, was kayaker at '96 Games

Issue date: September 11, 2000

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