NFL Draft 2002

  Posted: Tuesday April 09, 2002 2:05 PM's 2002 NFL Mock Draft
No.  Team  Pos.  Player  College  Comment 
1.    QB  David Carr  Fresno St.  Carolina is now on the clock ... 
2.    DE  Julius Peppers  North Carolina  Makes the jump to first-year starter. 
3.    QB  Joey Harrington  Oregon  Trade with Det. for immediate need. 
4.    Bryant McKinnie  Miami (Fla.)  Might Bledsoe need some protection? 
5.    CB  Quentin Jammer  Texas  Becomes the Bolts' defensive staple. 
6.    Roy Williams  Oklahoma  Defense is in need of upgrading. 
7.    DT  Ryan Sims  North Carolina  Early surprise; Vikes' safest pick. 
8.    WR  Ashley Lelie  Hawaii  Offense needs to be stretched. 
9.    Mike Williams  Texas  Replacement for departed Boselli. 
10.    CB  Phillip Buchanon  Miami (Fla.)  Defensively, step in right direction. 
11.    DT  Albert Haynesworth  Tennessee  Dungy finds his D-line anchor. 
12.    DT  John Henderson  Tennessee  Cardinals' latest stopper-of-future. 
13.    WR  Donte Stallworth  Tennessee  Will be big-time in the Big Easy. 
14.    Levi Jones  Arizona St.  O-line gets upgrade before defense. 
15.    TE  Jeremy Shockey  Miami (Fla.)  Special; won't come again soon. 
16.    RB  William Green  Boston College  Backfield is most glaring need. 
17.    WR  Jabbar Gaffney  Florida  Reloading offense around Vick. 
18.    DT  Wendell Bryant  Wisconsin  Can Spurrier opt for defense this early? 
19.    Mike Pearson  Florida  Broncos may stretch on this. 
20.    Toniu Fonoti  Nebraska  Solid pick for on-the-verge 'Hawks. 
21. *    DT  Larry Tripplett  Washington  Offseason signings not withstanding. 
22.    CB  Lito Sheppard  Florida  Certainly a "need" pick for Jets. 
23.    TE  Daniel Graham  Colorado  Why not? After all, this is the Raiders. 
24.    DE  Dwight Freeney  Syracuse  Ravens must rebuild defense. 
25. #    LB  Kalimba Edwards  South Carolina  Defections make this a "must" pick. 
26.    LB  Napoleon Harris  Northwestern  Fills void originally not foreseen. 
27.    Andre Gurode  Colorado  Glamorous, no -- but necessary. 
28.    WR  Josh Reed  LSU  Freeman departure paves the way. 
29.    DE  Alex Brown  Florida  Bears' defense needs pass rush. 
30.    Ed Reed  Miami (Fla.)  Could be a frontliner for many years. 
31.    WR  Reche Caldwell  Florida  Eye on future, rich get richer. 
32.    DE  Dennis Johnson  Kentucky  Sleeper who could be very special. 
* From Tampa Bay for Jon Gruden.
# From Miami for Ricky Williams.