NFL Draft 2002

Grading System
David Carr | QB | Fresno St. | Western Athletic Conference
Selected by Houston Texans in round 1, pick 1 (1 overall)
Height Weight 40 Grade
6'3½ 223 4.78 4.86
David Carr
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
First team All-Conference selection last year that also received All-American consideration. Finished the year passing for 64.8%/4,308/42/7. Passing totals were 61.4%/2,338/18/11 as a redshirt junior, his initial season with the first unit.

Tough, intelligent quarterback with excellent leadership intangibles. Sets up in the pocket with adequate footwork, quick releasing the pass and the ball is immediately out of his hand. Patient, scans the field and reads the defense. Looks off the safety, has a good sense as to where his receivers will be on the field and quickly finds the open man. Buys time for his wideouts and throws the ball away instead of taking a sack if nothing is available. Sells both his run action and play-action passes. Stands in the pocket and will take a hit. Overall does not make bad decisions when pressured and shows the ability to get outside the pocket, make the throw on the run and loses nothing on his passes. Solid arm; throws have velocity and he gets the ball downfield. Puts air under his corner routes or long throws and places them in front of receivers, letting wideouts run to the ball. Can thread the needle, shorter throws quickly get to the intended receiver and has adequate long accuracy. Holds the ball too low setting up in the pocket, slings it from the side or throws the through his ear with a very inconsistent point of release. Many of his shorter passes (slants, outs) are behind the receiver, much of which has to do with his set up and ball placement. Lacks the pinpoint accuracy and late on his timing throws. Tends to fall out of his passes or releases the ball off his back foot, all of which adversely affects his accuracy. Maturity level and physical skill are his greatest attributes, as well as the fact that he has continually progressed the past two seasons and had an extraordinary campaign as a senior. Must work on improving his fundamentals without losing anything on his present skill level. Possesses a lot of tools to work with but by no means a sure thing. Early First Round.

2001 Passing Statistics
Attempts Completions Completion % Passing Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
532 343 64.5 % 4830 46 9

2001 Rushing Statistics
Rushing Yards Attempts Average per Rush Touchdowns
74 93 0.8 5

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