NFL Draft 2002

Grading System
Broderick Lancaster | OG | Colorado St. | Mountain West Conference
Height Weight 40 Grade
6'3½ 310 5.39 3.32
Four-year starter that also seen action in college at offensive tackle. Suffered a knee injury last year as a senior six games into the season, which limited his playing time. Shuffled in and out of the lineup as a junior but still received All-Conference consideration.

Athletic line prospect that can be a dominant force when focused. Quick off the snap, plays with forward lean and strong at the point of attack. Anchors in pass protection or turns opponents out run blocking and looks to finish off defenders. Plays with a wide base, knee bend and gets leverage on opponents. Displays the ability to move in space. Quick trap blocking or pulling across the line of scrimmage and very effective on the move. Displays terrific blocking range, quickly gets out in front of backs to the second level and annihilates opponents. Gets lazy with his fundamentals and has not been at the top of his game the past two seasons. Looked like a tremendous prospect in the making as a sophomore but the knee injury and what was construed as lackadaisical play by the coaching staff hampered his development. At his upper most level, one of the better pulling guards in this draft and could be a diamond in the rough if he sees a return to form. Late Sixth Round.

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