NFL Draft 2002

Grading System
James McCall | OG | Hampton | Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Height Weight 40 Grade
6'3 325 5.25 3.14
Three-year starter at right tackle that projects to guard. backup as a redshirt freshman before moving to the top of the depth charts as a sophomore.

Massive lineman with great natural size and strength. Blocks with adequate leverage, extends his hands and easily pushes opponents out of their angle of attack. Quick into his blocks, moves well in a small area and engulfs opponents. Also works hard to bury defenders. Has difficulty the longer he must hold a block, gets tall in his stance and does not always play to his size. Bends at the waist which hurts his balance and not always sure of his assignments. Must condition himself better and rely on more than just his natural assets to get the job done. Free Agent.

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