NFL Draft 2002

Grading System
Tango McCauley | OG | Alabama St. | Southwestern Athletic Conference
Height Weight 40 Grade
6'3 305 5.26 3.31
Former Texas A&M transfer that started at left tackle last season. Played with the first unit in College Station as both a redshirt junior and sophomore after moving from the defensive side of the ball.

Athletic lineman with a good amount of upside potential to his game. Breaks down well, fluid moving about the field and plays with forward lean. Stays square, keeps opponents in front of him and displays good arm punch. Works his hands, strong at the point of attack and gets movement from his run blocks. Effectively uses body positioning and when he puts his mind to it takes defenders out of the action. Relatively light on his feet and displays an adequate amount of blocking range. Lacks the great footwork in pass protection, has difficulty blocking the edge and does not display quickness or explosion in his game. Slow getting out to engage linebackers on the second level. A wide bodied lineman effective guard at the next level if he gets his priorities in order and applies himself. Free Agent.

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