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Bengals have first pick, but users have choice thoughts

Posted: Tuesday February 18, 2003 1:53 PM
  Larry Johnson Will Larry Johnson follow in the footsteps of other Penn State flops? Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images posted its first Mock Draft of the offseason, and users sounded off with their opinions:

First off, saying William Joseph will get picked ahead of Jimmy Kennedy is way off! Do you know why Michael Haynes had so many sacks? Because Kennedy was getting double-teamed all the time, and he still finished with five sacks. He's a monster at 6-foot-4 and 330 pounds. He'll plug up the middle and will register 10-plus sacks a year; that's a great sack total for a defensive tackle. We'll see how the next mock draft comes up after the NFL combine.
-- Mike, Petersburg, Pa.

The media needs to get off the "Steve Spurrier loves to pick up his former Gators" angle. He realized he could have done a lot better without Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews -- and he cut Reidel Anthony, Jacquez Green and Willie Jackson during the season. If the Redskins can't resign Daryl Gardener, a defensive tackle (possibly Dewayne Robertson) makes a lot more sense for them with the 13th pick.
-- Ilker, Fairfax, Va.

The only place Kelley Washington goes during the first round will be to the bathroom while waiting for the phone to ring. No team is going to take a chance on Washington until maybe the third or fourth round. Then Houston will get him. He did have a very serious injury, almost to the point of never playing again. ... If he goes in the first round, I go in the second.
-- Tom, Gamaliel, Ky.

Rock the Vote wants your opinion on each team's needs. Vote in our 32-team poll: AFC and NFC

I disagree with your selection of Larry Johnson at No. 19 to the Patriots. First off, as you mentioned at the 14th pick, the Patriots need to shore up their 23rd-ranked defense. What better way to do it than to pick up two top-20 players on the defensive side of the ball? Marcus Trufant is a stud at the corner position, but grabbing a defensive tackle like Dewayne Robertson or Johnathan Sullivan with the No. 14 pick can allow the Pats to hopefully land a linebacker or corner with the second pick (No. 19). I would also look for the Patriots to package a first and a possible second or third to move up and grab E.J. Henderson or Jimmy Kennedy.
-- Ryan, Somerville, Mass.

I agree that the 49ers need some help on the D-Line; however, there is more of a glaring need to at the cornerback position. Mike Rumph is a project, Jason Webster is a short-term fill in and Ahmed Plummer may be gone to free agency in a couple of years. Trade up for the best corner possible.
-- Chris, Hanna, Alberta

I think the Packers selecting a quarterback at their current pick (No. 29) is a smoke screen for what is really important: giving Brett Favre and the rest of the team the final pieces for a run at the Super Bowl. First thing is the defense needs help. With a chance of losing up to three starters on the defensive line via free agency (Vonnie Holliday, Gilbert Brown and Cletidus Hunt), losing a starting over-the-hill middle linebacker (Hardy Nickerson) and potentially losing a starting cornerback (Tyrone Williams (high cap number and bonus in 2003 season), the Packers are in desperate need to shore up the defense.
-- Troy, Springfield, Ill.

No Chris Simms in the first round? Well, I can't say I blame you. His big game question marks must be taken into account. This, however, might turn out to be the draft where everyone miscalculated on the big kid out of Texas. Simms has all the tools to succeed at the next level; plus, he has a good head on his shoulders, and as much football smarts as any college QB coming out since Peyton Manning. Someone is going to take a flyer on Simms. And that someone is going to have their quarterback of the future in place.
-- Marc, Lancaster, Pa.

Terrell Suggs has jumped the shark. His size (6-foot-3, 250 pounds) is too small to be an every down defensive end. And you have him slated to be an Arizona Cardinal; anyone the Cardinals select is always the bust of the first round. Runner-up would be anyone selected by the Cincinnati Bengals. Dan Wilkinson, Akili Smith, David Klingler, Ki-Jana Carter, the list goes on and on. This is where great college players' careers go to die. Cincinnati should change its mascot to a tombstone.
-- Tom, Tulsa, Okla.

Throughout the offseason we'll post users' mock drafts. Here are two:

Willem Rijnbeek, Halifax, Nova Scotia
No.  Team  Player  Pos.  College 
1.  Cincinnati  Carson Palmer  QB  USC 
2.  Detroit  Charlie Rogers  WR  Michigan St. 
3.  Houston  Jordan Gross  Utah 
4.  Chicago  Byron Leftwich  QB  Marshall 
5.  Dallas  Terence Newman  CB  Kansas St. 
6.  Arizona  Terrell Suggs  DE  Arizona St. 
7.  Minnesota  Jimmy Kennedy  DT  Penn St. 
8.  Jacksonville  Andre Johnson  WR  Miami 
9.  Carolina  Rex Grossman  QB  Florida 
10.  Baltimore  Kwame Harris  Stanford 
11.  Seattle  William Joesph  DT  Miami 
12.  St. Louis  Boss Bailey  LB  Georgia 
13.  Washington  Taylor Jacobs  WR  Florida 
14.  New England  Andre Woolfolk  CB  Oklahoma 
15.  San Diego  Johnathan Sullivan  DT  Georgia 
16.  Kansas City  Gerald Hayes  LB  Pittsburgh 
17.  New Orleans  Marcus Trufant  CB  Washington St. 
18.  New Orleans  Terry Pierce  LB  Kansas St. 
19.  New England  Jerome McDougle  DE  Miami 
20.  Denver  Michael Haynes  DE  Penn St. 
21.  Cleveland  Corey Redding  DE  Texas 
22.  N.Y. Jets  Dewayne Robertson  DT  Kentucky 
23.  Atlanta  Kelley Washington  WR  Tennessee 
24.  Indianapolis  E.J. Henderson  LB  Maryland 
25.  N.Y. Giants  Mike Doss  Ohio St. 
26.  San Francisco  Ty Warren  DT  Texas A&M 
27.  Pittsburgh  Dennis Weathersby  CB  Oregon St. 
28.  Tennessee  Brandon Lloyd  WR  Illinois 
29.  Green Bay  Kyle Boller  QB  California 
30.  Philadelphia  Anquan Boldin  WR  Florida St. 
31.  Oakland  Troy Polamalu  USC 
32.  Oakland  Teyo Johnson  WR  Stanford 
Dustin Nosler, Sacramento, Calif.
No.  Team  Player  Pos.  College 
1.  Cincinnati  Jimmy Kennedy  DT  Penn St. 
2.  Detroit  Charlie Rogers  WR  Michigan St. 
3.  StL. (from Hou.)  Carson Palmer  QB  USC 
4.  Chicago  Byron Leftwitch  QB  Marshall 
5.  Dallas  Terrell Suggs  DE  Arizona St. 
6.  Arizona  Andre Johnson  WR  Miami 
7.  Minnesota  Terence Newman  CB  Kansas St. 
8.  Jacksonville  Marcus Trufant  CB  Washington St. 
9.  Carolina  Jordan Gross  Utah 
10.  Baltimore  William Joseph  DT  Miami 
11.  Seattle  Rien Long  DT  Washington St. 
12.  St. Louis  Kwame Harris  Stanford 
13.  Washington  Dewayne Roberston  DT  Kentucky 
14.  New England  Johnathan Sullivan  DT  Georgia 
15.  San Diego  Kevin Williams  DT  Oklahoma St. 
16.  Kansas City  Andre Woolfolk  CB  Oklahoma 
17.  New Orleans  E.J. Henderson  LB  Maryland 
18.  New Orleans  Mike Doss  Ohio St. 
19.  New England  Boss Baliey  LB  Georgia 
20.  Denver  Jerome McDougle  DE  Miami 
21.  Cleveland  Eric Steinbach  Iowa 
22.  N.Y. Jets  Vince Manuwai  Hawaii 
23.  Atlanta  Brandon Lloyd  WR  Illinois 
24.  Indianapolis  Michael Haynes  DE  Penn St. 
25.  N.Y. Giants  DeWayne White  DE  Louisville 
26.  San Francisco  Taylor Jacobs  WR  Florida 
27.  Pittsburgh  Rasheen Mathis  CB/S  Bethune-Cookman 
28.  Tennessee  Larry Johnson  RB  Penn St. 
29.  Green Bay  Rex Grossman  QB  Florida 
30.  Philadelphia  Gerald Hayes  LB  Pittsburgh 
31.  Oakland  Onterrio Smith  RB  Oregon 
32.  Oakland  Jeff Faine  Notre Dame 


OK, you've seen our first version of the 2003 Mock Draft and two users' views. Now give us your opinion.

From the Bengals at No. 1 through the Raiders at No. 32, take your best shot at predicting what will go down during the first round April 26 in New York.

We did not trade picks in our first prediction, but you can. You can even forecast which free agents teams could sign and then have that team draft for need.

Enter your thoughts below and we'll post some of the most interesting responses in the coming days.

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