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Scouting Combine workouts help pare the prospects

Posted: Thursday February 27, 2003 12:23 PM
Updated: Sunday March 16, 2003 9:33 AM
  Lee Suggs Lee Suggs rushed for 1,329 and 22 TDs for the Hokies last season. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

By B. Duane Cross,

Now less than two months from draft weekend, teams got up close and personal with prospects during the NFL Scouting Combine. As usual, some players improved their stock, while others are looking like one-hit Wunderlics.

In the wake of the combine, our board changed, too.'s second Mock Draft has five new players -- Kevin Williams, Chris Kelsay, Eric Steinbach, Lee Suggs and Ken Hamlin. And while this isn't an exact science, one thing is certain: more names will be added and subtracted before April 26. The players we subtracted: Rex Grossman, Larry Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Bradie James and Troy Polamalu.

Readers had their take on our first 32 as well as two mocks from other users:

Everyone assumes that the Falcons will take a WR with their first round pick. I disagree for a couple of reasons. First, Dan Reeves doesn't take receivers in the first round; just look at last year. But more importantly, I have no doubt in my mind that the Birds will sign their No. 1 WR in free agency or by trade. Hopefully that will be David Boston, instead of Peerless Price. Atlanta might still draft a WR later on (Terence Edwards?), but not in the first round. The Falcons could use the first-round pick for other needs: D-line, secondary. I would love to see either Johnathan Sullivan or Boss Baily available, but I would be equally surprised. How about Dennis Weathersby?
-- Andrew, Griffin, Ga.

If the Cowboys aren't going to upgrade their ridiculous offense with the No. 5 pick, trade down and get more picks. Terence Newman may be the premier DB, but this team needs a play-maker on offense. Andre Johnson would be a very good choice at that spot. The Falcons should consider moving up to get one of the two premier WRs in this draft. It may not be feasible with the salary cap and what it would take to move up, but I would at least explore it. If Michael Vick had a Chuck Rogers or Andre Johnson to throw to, it would relieve a ton of pressure. The Titans seriously need a WR or CB in the first round. Kelley Washington would be a good gamble, if he's healthy.
-- Mike, Corpus Christi, Texas

I think the Bengals should trade down no lower than the fifth spot in select Terence Newman. Because,the Lions, Bears and Texans are not likely to select him, but the Cowboys will. The Bengals should work on defense, and maintain an efficient offense. Don't get me wrong, I think Carson Palmer will be great, but how many times must we see the great defense destroy the great offense? With a shut-down corner it allows your defense to be more aggressive, which produces wins. The moral of the story: "Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships." If the Bengals want to win soon, Newman is their best shot.
-- Chris, Decatur, Ga.'s 2003 Mock Draft
Pick Team Pos. Player College Ht. Wt. Class
1 QB Carson Palmer USC 6'5" 220 Sr.
Panthers make bold move: trade with Bengals to take franchise QB.
2 WR Charles Rogers Michigan St. 6'3" 205Jr.
Steve Mariucci sleeps well with Joey Harrington throwing to Rogers.
3 DT Jimmy Kennedy Penn State 6'4" 335Sr.
Packers swap with Texans; hope Brett Favre retires after 2005 season.
4 QB Byron Leftwich Marshall 6'6" 250Sr.
Bears' rebuilding needs a solid nucleus, not a free-agent castoff.
5 CB Terence Newman Kansas St. 5'10 1/2" 185Sr.
Tuna tempted to take Terrell Suggs, but Newman's the catch.
6 DE Terrell Suggs Arizona St. 6'2" 245Jr.
Andre Wadsworth. Simeon Rice. Suggs. Third time's charm?
7 DT Kevin Williams Okla. State 6'4 1/2" 285Sr.
Vikings use draft for inside help; address D-backs in free agency.
8 DT Dewayne Robertson Kentucky 6'3" 311Jr.
Rams move up for promising interior prospect -- or a much-needed DB.
9 CB Marcus Trufant Wash. State 5'10" 190Sr.
Defensive guru Marvin Lewis begins to shape team in his own image.
10 T Jordan Gross Utah 6'4 1/2" 306Sr.
Brian Billick continues building a formidable front line.
11 DT William Joseph Miami (Fla.) 6'4" 285Sr.
If Mike Holmgren rights the ship, defense will lead the way.
12 WR Andre Johnson Miami (Fla.) 6'2" 210Jr.
Jags move down, still get their man and an additional pick from Rams.
13 DT Johnathan Sullivan Georgia 6'4" 280Jr.
Reworking the Skins' interior is the offseason's top priority.
14 DE Michael Haynes Penn State 6'2" 280Sr.
Step one in improving the league's No. 23-ranked defense.
15 LB Boss Bailey Georgia 6'3" 230Sr.
Saints trade up to get best of a so-so linebacker crop.
16 LB Terry Pierce Kansas St. 6'2" 245Jr.
Pierce is a need pick if the Chiefs don't land a LB in free agency.
17 DE Jerome McDougle Miami (Fla.) 6'3" 270Sr.
With no can't-miss WR available, defense gets a shot in the arm.
18 CB Andre Woolfolk Oklahoma 6'0" 183Sr.
Saints continue to reload on defense with highly regarded D-back.
19 DT Ty Warren Texas A&M 6'4" 305Sr.
Patriots continue defensive theme with best remaining D-lineman.
20 DE Cory Redding Texas 6'4" 240Sr.
Broncos improve pass rush with Cotton Bowl's Defensive MVP.
21 LB E.J. Henderson Maryland 6'1" 245Sr.
O-line could be considered, but Henderson too good to pass up.
22 T Kwame Harris Stanford 6'6" 305Jr.
If the draft shakes out to Harris falling this far, Jets snap him up.
23 WR Taylor Jacobs Florida 6'1" 198Sr.
Skins' free agency/draft (having to address D-line) is Falcons' blessing.
24 DE Chris Kelsay Nebraska 6'4 1/2" 265Sr.
Taken with an eye on moving the fifth-year senior to LB.
25 S Mike Doss Ohio State 5'11" 205Sr.
Top-ranked among a cluster of good -- not great -- safeties.
26 DE Kenny Peterson Ohio State 6'2 1/2' 293Sr.
Salary-cap moves will make 49ers' defense a priority in this draft.
27 CB Dennis Weathersby Oregon St. 6'1' 206Sr.
Steelers may try to trade up for one of the upper-echelon CBs.
28 WR Bryant Johnson Penn State 6'1" 205Sr.
A need pick. Another consideration: Tennessee TE Jason Witten.
29 T Eric Steinbach Iowa 6'6' 280Sr.
Texans trade down, still get a tackle and get another first-day pick from Pack.
30 RB Lee Suggs Va. Tech 5'11' 210Sr.
Andy Reid will be tempted to take his West Coast RB of the future.
31 QB Kyle Boller California 6'3" 215Sr.
Raiders make their move for Rich Gannon's eventual replacement.
32 S Ken Hamlin Arkansas 6'2' 205Jr.
Any number of DBs could come here, including Rashean Mathis, Julian Battle.


OK, you've seen our second version of the 2003 Mock Draft, now give us yours.

From the Bengals at No. 1 through the Raiders at No. 32, take your best shot at predicting what will go down during the first round April 26 in New York.

Trade picks or forecast which free agents teams could sign and then have that team draft for need.

Enter your thoughts below and we'll post some of the most interesting responses in the coming days.

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