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Newman, McGahee on opposite ends of medical spectrum

Posted: Tuesday April 15, 2003 3:16 PM
  Willis McGahee Willis McGahee is making a run up draft boards despite a severe knee injury in the Fiesta Bowl. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

By B. Duane Cross,

Gary Glick will remain the only defensive back taken No. 1 overall. Terence Newman's end-of-season shoulder injury has swayed Cincinnati toward its third first-round quarterback since 1992.

On the other hand, Willis McGahee's much-anticipated April 22 workout could be a boon. If he shows significant progress in his rehabilitation of three torn ligaments in his left knee ...

Less than two weeks before the draft, here's what we know:

  • As much sense as it makes for Cincinnati to draft an impact player for its defense, the Bengals will take Heisman Trophy QB Carson Palmer with the No. 1 pick. Newman was the front-runner for Cincinnati until the medical reports on his shoulder tipped the scales in Palmer's favor.

  • Houston will not trade up for an impact wide receiver (Charles Rogers) because the Texans believe Andre Johnson is just as good. Why pay No. 1-money when they can sit tight at No. 3 and get equal value?

  • Chicago is content not to take a QB with its first pick. The Bears have targeted defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson; a QB can be had in Round 2 at No. 35.

  • Slots 5-10 are a crap shoot: Will Dallas trade down? With Palmer and Johnson off the board -- Arizona's most pressing need positions -- will the Cardinals take Byron Leftwich or Kyle Boller, the top QBs after Palmer? Will Minnesota improve its D-line or D-backs? Does Jacksonville take Leftwich or Boller? Will Carolina upgrade its O-line or D-backs?

    Baltimore could be the key to all of the above. The Ravens covet Boller and may make a move up to get him.

  • Minnesota has been running up the long distance bill trying to trade out of the No. 7 spot. Despite New Orleans trading for safety Tebucky Jones, the Vikings may still be dialing area code 504; the Saints aren't precluding a trade into the top 10.

  • Might New England make a move to get one of the top-10 players?'s 2003 Mock Draft
    Pick Team Pos. Player College Ht. Wt. Class
    1 QB Carson Palmer USC 6'5" 232 Sr.
    It won't be long before fans start clamoring for The Chosen One.
    2 WR Charles Rogers Michigan State 6'2" 202Jr.
    Lions are sold on making Ford Field "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood."
    3 WR Andre Johnson Miami (Fla.) 6'2" 230Jr.
    Texans continue building a potent downfield attack.
    4 DT Dewayne Robertson Kentucky 6'1" 317Jr.
    Taking a D-lineman now and a QB in Round 2 improves two positions.
    5 CB Terence Newman Kansas State 5'10" 189Sr.
    D-backfield and return game get a shot in the arm: Prime Time, Part Deux.
    6 DE Terrell Suggs Arizona State 6'3" 262Jr.
    Like Chicago, the Cards can wait until Round 2 for a future QB or WR.
    7 CB Marcus Trufant Washington State 5'11" 199Sr.
    Minnesota opts for the "best available" -- maybe even DT Jimmy Kennedy.
    8 QB Byron Leftwich Marshall 6'5" 241Sr.
    Jacksonville can still get a quality O-lineman or WR in the second round.
    9 T Jordan Gross Utah 6'4" 300Sr.
    Carolina takes the draft's top lineman and a franchise-type player at that.
    10 QB Kyle Boller California 6'3" 234Sr.
    Stats-wise, a one-year wonder? It's all a matter of timing.
    11 DT Jimmy Kennedy Penn State 6'4" 322Sr.
    Kennedy is an all-around talent, but scouts caution he is a Nittany Lion ...
    12 LB Boss Bailey Georgia 6'3" 233Sr.
    And now there are whispers that Mad Mike is eyeing TE Jason Witten.
    13 DT Kevin Williams Oklahoma State 6'4" 304Sr.
    New York will go defense early, then look for a WR with its pick at No. 22.
    14 DT Johnathan Sullivan Georgia 6'3" 313Jr.
    New England's D-line needs an upgrade; Sullivan is the difference-maker.
    15 DT William Joseph Miami (Fla.) 6'5" 308Sr.
    O-line is a priority, but San Diego cannot pass on immediate impact.
    16 WR Taylor Jacobs Florida 6'0" 205Sr.
    For what it's worth: K.C.'s previous three No. 1 WRs -- 185 career catches.
    17 LB E.J. Henderson Maryland 6'0" 245Sr.
    Provided New Orleans opts not to trade up ...
    18 TE Jason Witten Tennessee 6'5" 264Jr.
    Five-year contract aside, Ernie Conwell will be 31 by Opening Day.
    19 RB Willis McGahee Miami (Fla.) 6'0" 223So.
    A risky pick? Maybe not what we'd expect from Bill Belichick?
    20 DE Jerome McDougle Miami (Fla.) 6'2" 264Sr.
    Denver's depleted D-line is in dire need of an infusion of youth and talent.
    21 T Kwame Harris Stanford 6'7" 310Jr.
    Harris is ranked higher, but Eric Steinbach is another possibility in the spot.
    22 WR Bryant Johnson Penn State 6'2" 214Sr.
    New York gets offensive. ... Or maybe not; perhaps DE Michael Haynes?
    23 DE Michael Haynes Penn State 6'3" 281Sr.
    Another "best available" pick, this one is also a need/impact choice.
    24 S Mike Doss Ohio State 5'10" 207Sr.
    D-backfield needs improving; S/CB Julian Battle is another possibility.
    25 DE Kenny Peterson Ohio State 6'3" 298Sr.
    G-Men make a solid, long-term addition to their aging ends.
    26 DT Ty Warren Texas A&M 6'4' 307Sr.
    San Fran begins rebuilding its interior; Bryant Young entering his 10th season.
    27 S Troy Polamalu USC 5'10" 206Sr.
    Pittsburgh's only strong safety -- Chris Hope. Is there any doubt on this pick?
    28 WR Kelley Washington Tennessee 6'2" 223So.
    Tennessee will know all there is about "The Future" before gambling its own.
    29 LB Terry Pierce Kansas State 6'1" 251Jr.
    LB remains the biggest issue to address -- not QB, for now.
    30 DE Cory Redding Texas 6'4' 279Sr.
    Other possibilities: Dewayne White of Louisville, Chris Kelsay of Nebraska.
    31 WR Tyrone Calico Middle Tenn. State 6'3" 223Sr.
    Oakland is a haven for no-name guys who turn into big-time players.
    32 S Rashean Mathis Bethune-Cookman 6'0" 202Sr.
    Oakland is a haven ... OK, meet Rod Woodson's replacement. If he ever retires.
    44 DT Nick Eason Clemson 6'3" 301Sr.
    Washington must replenish its interior D-line, and Eason is an unpolished gem.
    49 WR Teyo Johnson Stanford 6'5" 247So.
    Originally a QB, he caught at least one TD in 14 of 23 games; runs a 4.65 40.
    55 CB Dennis Weathersby Oregon State 6'0" 204Sr.
    If not a D-back, it'll be D-line -- DTs Kenny King or Jarrett Johnson fit the bill.
    64 LB Chaun Thompson West Texas A&M 6'1" 240Sr.
    Will he last until the end of Round 2? Bucs rejoice if this scenario unfolds.


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