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Leroy Harris
SI Grade
School: Conference: Ht., Wt.:
6-2.5, 302
40 Time:

BIOGRAPHY: Four-year starter awarded All-Conference honors throughout his college career. Used extensively at both the guard and center positions.

POSITIVES: Tough, hard-working blocker who battles on the inside. Strong, stays square and controls defenders at the point. Quickly gets his hands into opponents, displays good punch and throws opponents to the ground. Effective with the shotgun snap.

NEGATIVES: Not light on his feet, lumbers about the field and struggles sliding laterally in even the smallest of areas. Not a natural knee bender and lacks adjustment.

ANALYSIS: A versatile blocker with solid character, Harris can be used at any of three interior blocking positions. Limitations in space may make him most effective at guard, yet his versatility gives him added value.

PROJECTION: Early Fourth Round