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Last Glance: Bowl edition

Fiesta fracas aside, the burning questions of bowl week

Posted: Monday December 30, 2002 12:44 PM
Updated: Monday December 30, 2002 4:38 PM

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By Luke Winn,

The final week of bowl season is upon us, and if you've learned your lesson, you won't:

A) Get arrested (see Chad DeBolt).
B) Oversleep (see Chris Rix).
C) Be academically ineligible (see Fresno State).
D) Miss out on O.J. Simpson visiting practice.

A run of 16 games in the next five days means more opportunities for senior QBs to go out in style, following in the footsteps of:

1) Marshall's Byron Leftwich, who threw four TDs in the GMAC bowl despite being entirely immobile from the waist down.
2) Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury, who went over 5,000 passing yards for his career in a Tangerine Bowl victory.
3) Wisconsin's Brooks Bollinger, who led the Badgers to a comeback win in the Alamo Bowl.

As the world descends on the Fiesta Bowl, plenty of questions remain elsewhere, with photos to boot:

Carson Palmer and O.J. Simpson AP If you're Pete Carroll, do you want O.J. Simpson hanging around?
Not for an extended period of time. ... But allowing the Juice to stop by was a positive move, judging from the warm reception O.J. received. Simpson attended USC's pre-Orange Bowl practice on an invite from current Trojan running back Justin Fargas, who reportedly asked to wear Simpson's retired No. 32 before this season. (Carroll convinced him otherwise.) An ex-Heisman winner like O.J., despite his legal saga, has a place in his old program's lore, but don't expect Carroll and USC to be requesting his services again anytime soon.
Bobby Bowden AP Can Bobby Bowden turn FSU back around?
Bobby will always be an icon, inspiring photographers (such as this one) to take pictures of him from the ground up. But with his team in shambles (see: suspensions of Chris Rix and Darnell Dockett, dismissal of Adrian McPherson), a Sugar Bowl beating by former understudy Mark Richt is a New Year's Day likelihood. He'll have to spend part of his offseason weathering the storm of the Adrian McPherson-focused gambling investigation, but let's hope he has time to put thought into next year's team slogan.
Dan McCarney AP Is a bowl game appropriate in Boise?
Look at Dan McCarney's face (a grimace) and his clothing (a winter jacket). This Humanitarian Bowl trip, for Iowa State and its fans, just barely qualifies as a postseason reward. Not only are they practicing in the freezing mountain air, but the Cyclones must play red-hot Boise State on its home (blue) turf. Their only solace may that Boise, which warranted a weird episode of Insomniac on Comedy Central, may throw a better New Year's Eve party than Ames, Iowa.
Aaron Hunt, Will Proctor AP Should a grown man ride a merry-go-round?
No. Never. Jack Nicholson couldn't pull off a merry-go-round ride. If forced to mount a fake horse, however, he would likely go to great lengths to avoid being photographed. These Clemson players, during a pre-Tangerine bowl publicity stunt, had the unfortunate fate of running into an AP photographer, and well, the rest is history.

HOT: Mark Richt
Georgia rewarded its second-year coach with an eight-year contract extension.
NOT: New Year's Day
With the Orange and Fiesta Bowl on ice and little at stake on Jan. 1, why not just sleep off that NYE hangover?
HOT: Forgetting about Iowa
Out of sight, out of mind: The Hawkeyes, five-point underdogs to USC in the Orange Bowl, haven't played since Nov. 16.
NOT: Colorado's offense
See: boring. Also see: predictable. Folded against a Wisconsin team that was, at best, a mediocre squad during the Big Ten season.

Ranking the top five games to watch, Dec. 31-Jan. 3, excluding an anticipated blowout in the Sugar Bowl:
5. Capital One: Penn St. vs. Auburn (1 p.m., ABC, Jan. 1)
-- Larry Johnson's farewell game at PSU.
4. Gator: N.C. State vs. Notre Dame (12:30 p.m., NBC, Jan. 1).
-- Kickoff to Philip Rivers' 2003 Heisman campaign
3. Rose: Washington State vs. Oklahoma (5 p.m., ABC, Jan. 1)
-- Will Mike Price regret hanging around at WSU?
2. Orange: Iowa vs. USC (8 p.m., ABC, Jan. 2)
-- Ultimate QB duel pits Heisman's one-two punch, Palmer and Banks.
1. Fiesta: Ohio State vs. Miami (8 p.m., ABC, Jan. 3)
-- 13-0 vs. 12-0 dream game makes everything else an undercard.

How the BCS bowls played out on EA Sports' NCAA Football 2003.

Florida State 34, Georgia 20; Washington State 28, Oklahoma 21; USC 41, Iowa 14; and finally, Miami 42, Ohio State 13.

One guarantee: The real Fiesta Bowl, in which Miami is less of a juggernaut and Ohio State's defense is more robust, will be closer than this virtual Fiesta Bowl. And a disclaimer for anyone considering betting based on these results: The PlayStation's track record this season hasn't been so hot.

The final topic of 2002: Your best bowl-game story. And there were a few.

Rose Bowl 2001. Wisconsin fans owning SoCal, for the third time in eight years. I was the last person in cardinal and white, before the sliver of Bruins fans. They heard it all game long. Well, by the end of the third quarter all of the beer was gone in our section. Then we come to discover that all of the bottled water was gone in their section. We started a cheer, the student section, "You buy water." ... It went around the stadium, it was nuts and awesome. Soon after that Ron Dayne secured his college legacy with an awesome 31-yard touchdown run ... I think.
Nathaniel Hanson, Madison, Wis.

2001 Sugar Bowl. Fifteen minutes before kickoff my brother (tanked on Hurricanes) jumps on the tarp over the tunnel where the Miami players run out. Naturally, the tarp broke, he fell 15 feet and broke his arm and some ribs. We spent the whole night in the ER in New Orleans and had to settle for listening to whole game on radio. Did I mention we drove up from Miami to see the game?
Dean D'Ambrosio, Houston

Had to be last year's Sugar Bowl. New Year's Day. My friends and I started partying like rock stars reeeeally early in the morning on Bourbon Street. There was actually snow in the forecast for later that night. Partied all day. Went to the game. Watched LSU out-gun Illinois for four quarters as both Rohan Davey and Josh Reed racked up some more incredible numbers. Then after the game, even with the weather as miserable as it was, LSU fans poured into the French Quarter to celebrate. At just around midnight it started snowing. It snows in south Louisiana about once every 10 years. Couldn't have been a more perfect 24 hours. The partying, the win and the snow (that actually stayed for a day or two).
Casey Potts, Baton Rouge, La.

I was at the Huskers' hotel HQ after the 1998 Orange Bowl when it was announced that the Huskers had been chosen by the coaches as the national champions. I witnessed Huskers players such as Ahman Green and Scott Frost hugging their teammates and coaches in the jubilation that followed the announcement.
Dennis P. Crawford, Lincoln, Neb.

Sophomore year at Michigan, a whole pack of us went to the 1989 Rose Bowl. Being under 21, we couldn't rent a car from a respectable agency, but Rent-a-Wreck was willing to take our money. We had a 1978 station wagon that required the driver to turn the wheel a quarter-turn in order to go straight and which vibrated so badly, the rear-view mirror was useless. It sucked, but nothing was better than pulling up next to a Ferrari in Beverly Hills, rolling down the window and asking, "Wanna' race?"
Ori Hoffer, Park City, Utah

I took my girlfriend to Los Angeles a few years ago to catch the Rose Bowl between Michigan and Washington State. Our seats were in the end zone, right on the line where the Michigan fans ended and the Washington State fans began. The couple beside us were huge Washington State fans, and I had been a Michigan fan for years. When the game started we were enjoying some old-fashioned ribbing with verbal assaults, but by then end of the third quarter, my girlfriend has switched her Michigan shirt with the lady from Washington State, and we were all partying and having such a good time we almost forgot about the game. Although Michigan won its share of a the national title that day, the thing I remember most was how fun it was to hang out and party with the people from the state of Washington. Every time I see the Cougars on TV, I think of that game.
Bob Moul, Vienna, Va.

My roommate and I are Maryland fans at the Orange Bowl last year and we were in the Atlantic Ocean on New Year's Day ... NAKED.
Edward Chang, Scaggsbille, Md.

While attending UGA's last trip to the Sugar Bowl in 1982, I learned that you shouldn't attempt to climb up the balcony polls on Bourbon Street. No matter how hard I tried, I never could make it up to the balcony, and it ruined my clothes. Reason? All the poles were greased.
Stacy Hopkins, Atlanta

The Glance, sadly, is done until September 2003 ... thanks for a season's worth of replies, and feel free to write.

Luke Winn is college football producer for To send him a comment or question, click here.

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